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工業級microSD卡 SDHC 5.1 H2-M

Interface: The SD 5.1 card comes with 9-pin
Capacity: 4GB~32GB
Read: : Up to 90 MB/s
Write: : Up to 42 MB/s
IOPS: Up to 800


Interface: SD3.0
Capacity: 4G~32G
Read: : Up to 43 MB/s
Write: : Up to 40 MB/s

工業級microSD R1

Interface: SD3.0
Capacity: SD:1GB~2GB;SDHC:4~8GB
Read: : Up to 34 MB/s
Write: : Up to 28 MB/s


Interface: SD2.0
Capacity: SD:256MB~2GB;SDHC:4GB
Read: : Up to 20 MB/s
Write: : Up to 16 MB/s

工業級microSD H1-M

Interface: SD3.0
Capacity: 4G~128G
Read: : Up to 75 MB/s
Write: : Up to 65 MB/s