Optical Product

Warranty Scope

Apacer Technology Inc. (“Apacer”) agrees to provide warranty covering material, manufacturing and functional defects for products purchased directly from Apacer or an authorized dealer during the warranty period. Apacer shall provide repair or replacement with a product of equivalent or higher specifications in accordance with the classification of the above-described defects within the product’s warranty region.

These warranty terms and conditions are only valid within the warranty region of the product. Refer to the back of this page for the warranty region of the product.

Void of Warranty

All products are precision optical instruments. Any attempt to open the encasement, intentionally loosening parts, cutting off signal line or other similar acts that in effect damage the product’s intactness may instantly have an impact on, or cause a loss of, the product’s original eficacy, resulting in the immediate invalidation of Apacer’s warranty. The same applies if tamper-evident seal is broken.

Repair Procedure during Warranty Period

  • Apacer offers its end-users a 12-month warranty period starting from the purchase date. With the exception of a DOA situation, as described below, Apacer will, at its sole discretion, either replace the defective part or repair the defect during the warranty period.
  • To determine if a product is within its warranty period, the customer is required to provide proof of purchase (e.g. delivery order or invoice) when requesting repair service in order to facilitate operation. If you are unable to provide proof of purchase, Apacer will make reasonable judgment based on product serial number and original manufacturer’s shipping date or dealer’s delivery date.
  • During warranty period, if repair is required, please send or deliver the product back to the original dealer or an authorized service center. With the exception of a DOA situation, as described below, the user must bear the cost of returning the product while Apacer or Apacer’s dealer bears the shipping cost of sending the product back to the user.

DOA Policy

If any damage, malfunction, or obvious damage to the product itself, not attributable to human factor or force majeure, is found within seven days of delivery, the customer may request for a new replacement with the dealer from whom the product was purchased by providing proof of purchase. Apacer or Apacer’s dealer will bear the full cost for round-trip standard shipping service.

To request for replacement of DOA product, please provide the dealer from whom the product was purchased with original packaging and all original accessories. A product that is returned outside the DOA period or with incomplete accessories will be handled in accordance with the above-described repair procedure during warranty period.


Apacer reserves the right to charge for repair and replacement parts accordingly, and the full cost of round-trip shipping, under the following circumstances:

  1. When the product has exceeded its warranty period or there is no way to prove the product’s warranty period by the usual method.
  2. When the product was not bought through Apacer’s legitimate distribution channel, e.g. stolen product, counterfeit or trial product.
  3. When the product was directly or indirectly purchased through parallel import, or when the request for repair service is made to an Apacer dealer or service center that is outside the product’s warranty region.
  4. When the product has been repaired or dismantled by persons other than those employed or authorized by Apacer.
  5. When damage to the product is due to force majeure (natural disaster, flood, fire, earthquake, lightning, typhoon or insect damage), human damage (scratching, dropping, breaking or heavy impact), human negligence (loss of parts or failure to provide proper care) or other abnormal factors.
  6. Consumables, such as optical fiber, dust cover, CD, signal line, fader, collimating lens and other accessories, are not covered by the warranty.
  7. Any gift that is enclosed with the product due to special marketing promotion is not covered by the warranty.