Industrial DRAM Warranty Statement

Apacer Technology Incorporated ("Apacer") provides a three-year warranty for its memory module products as set forth below.

  1. For warranty service during the warranty period, the label, which must include the model number and serial number, has to be provided to Apacer.
  2. This warranty will apply in the event a product should malfunction, due to the same cause, within three months following the repair.


  • This statement is intended only for users who directly purchase products from Apacer. Such users should check with the seller for any warranty service.
  • This warranty does not cover any damage to this product, its external case or its packaging that results from accident, abuse, misuse, lightning, fire, water, natural or personal disaster, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.

The following are not covered under this warranty

  1. Memory modules not manufactured or produced by Apacer.
  2. Memory modules that have been repaired or serviced by anyone other than Apacer.
  3. Apacer memory module products that were purchased as testing supplies.
  4. Accessories, wrapping materials and refillable goods other than the memory module itself.
  5. Damage that has arisen from poor packing, and/or shipping damage, in the process of sending the device for service and repair.
  6. Product compatibility problems not resulting from any defect in the Apacer memory module.
  7. Memory modules that have been misused or damaged by the consumer.

DOA Policy

The DOA warranty means if any Industrial memory module products from Apacer are damaged or found to be faulty within this period except results from all the above-mentioned unrepaired items, Apacer will provide replacement products on an exchange basis with the new unit(s) to the customer within 10 days once Apacer receives the returned defective products.

All Industrial memory module products from Apacer are under DOA “defect on arrival” warranty within 45 days from the date of manufacture (S/N) to customer installation. Products that have been in use beyond the DOA period will be repaired under the terms of Apacer’s warranty statement and not replaced with new products.

DRAM Warranty Policy

  1. For a quality anomaly occurring under abnormal operating conditions as reported from the customer, or for products that have surpassed the warranty period and have been referred to Apacer's marketing department, Apacer may provide a paid replacement and repair service warranty, covering:
    • Apacer memory modules that were not shipped by Apacer Technology to the customer.
    • A memory module product on which the warranty label has either been removed or otherwise damaged.
    • Cases where the circuit board, IC or RC parts and components on the memory module product contain obvious scratches, or impact or burn marks arising from improper operation or installation, or mishandling.
  2. Memory modules that are eligible for the paid replacement and repair do not include modules that Apacer ships to its customers directly. The repair charge for paid replacement and service will be verified by the marketing department in consultation with the production control department, and the customer duly informed. The customer's consent will be required before any repair or replacement is made.
  3. To identify manufacture date from PN and SN label:
    The 3rd to 6th digits in the serial number indicate the year and week of production. For example:
    • "S/N: 77 0012 23456" indicates Year 2000 and 12th week. (March)
    • "S/N: 88 0202 23456" indicates Year 2002 and 2nd week. (January)

Additional Statement

The above terms of warranty constitute the entire warranty policy of the Company and cover all other agreements, whether oral or written. The Company makes no other warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, whether express or implied.

In the event that the laws and policies of certain country/region stipulate a maximum warranty period on products, the Company will, to the largest extent permitted by laws of such countries, provide technical support and warranty service.

In the event that the laws and policies of certain country/region prohibit the exclusion of implied warranty, the Company will only agree to perform the liability of implied warranty on the products in such country/region within the Company's express warranty period.