Double-barreled Solution

Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution is comprised of CoreAnalyzer2 and SSDWidget2.0. CoreAnalyzer2 helps determine which SSD and firmware are most suitable for a customer, and SSDWidget2.0 lets customers remotely monitor SSD status in real-time.

Double-barreled Solution - Extends SSD Lifespans

No single SSD can meet the needs of diverse applications. Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution allows customers to select the ideal SSD for their needs and monitor it as it operates, further maximizing the practical operating lifespan.


By taking full advantage of CoreAnalyzer2, customers can easily discover the SSD which is most suitable for their needs. CoreAnalyzer2 can also recommend customized SSD firmware when necessary. 

SSDWidget 2.0

Once an SSD is chosen and deployed, customers can monitor its operation in the real world using the second part of the Double-barreled Solution – SSDWidget2.0. This software can be incorporated into a customer’s private server to allow users to monitor the status of SSDs in real-time, anticipating the end of an SSD’s operational life and replacing it before it fails to ensure data integrity. This will improve data reliability and, in many cases, reduce manpower and maintenance costs. 



Advantages of DBS Cloud Edition

● Seamless integration with existing RDM platforms
● Alerts can be sent to administrators via eMail, SMS, or apps such as WhatsApp, Line or Wechat
● Anticipating the end of an SSD’s lifespan means flawless data integrity
● Unexpected power cycling can be tracked easily
● OS recovery and firmware updating over the air
● Reduces maintenance costs and downtime
● Combats industrial pain points such as reputation damage, security vulnerabilities, and business losses

Easy-to-read Dashboard

The DBS Cloud Edition presents all relevant data in the form of an easy-to-read dashboard interface. All the SSDs usage and health status could be tracked remotely.

A Variety of Notification Services

The color-coded alerts could be sent via messaging system, such as: Line, SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, or eMail…etc. to users’ smartphone, PC, or tablet based on the individual RDM system supported.

Existing Integrated RDM Systems

Apacer has collaborated with Advantech and Allxon to develop the DBS Cloud Edition. It offers customers greater choice in deploying and RDM system and adds flexibility while retaining seamless integration.


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