Apacer CoreSnapshot, a system disaster’s savior, is a firmware based technology that offers an instant whole disk backup and recovery mechanism for SSDs to solve enterprises’ unexpected data loss or OS crush immediately.

The Rapid Needs of Remote Monitoring

As 5G IoT develops rapidly, more and more manufacturers and service providers have deployed their services and applications over the cloud to make them more efficient and effective. This approach not only offers higher data transferring speeds, but also provides superior large-scale remote monitoring of applications such as Internet of things, factory automation, transportation, server & networking and digital signage…etc.

The Potential Risks of System Failure

However, behind these benefits, those manufacturers and service providers are facing the potential risks of system failure such as operating system damage and application software error, which could lead to device shutdown and cause loss. And while some have already implemented backup mechanisms for system recovery, they may still encounter system downtime and the high expenses of on-site support service. Therefore, ensuring a device can function normally and how fast it can return to normal operation has become a crucial topic of concern for those companies.

Backup and Recovery in 1 Second

Apacer has developed a firmware-based proprietary technology, CoreSnapshot, that can help avoid the expensive RMA (Return/Reject Material Authorization) and related costs of onsite service support for clients. Also, it offers various methods of recovery, including In-band software recovery, hardware pin trigger and Out-of-Band (OOB). When an error occurs in an application, clients can trigger the In-Band recovery command on the host or through cloud service. And, when a device has encountered a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), clients can utilize an external hardware pin trigger or OOB module to recover the system immediately just in 1 second.

How Does CoreSnapshot Work

CoreSnapshot incorporates two types of triggers: software and hardware. Clients can use these two methods to back up and recover their SSD. If the operating system is unable to function, they can use the hardware trigger instead. Additionally, it also supports the recovery functions over the Internet and via an OOB module, allowing clients to return a frozen device to normal remotely.

Apacer’s CoreSnapshot provides a firmware-based rapid disk backup and recovery mechanism, while other backup utilities require software for execution, which can be very time consuming. It also means clients do not need to incur extra costs for backup and recovery, such as backup software licenses and maintenance costs. Therefore, CoreSnapshot is an ideal backup and recovery solution for all the enterprises who care their brand reputation and long-term business sustainability.

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