CoreLife technology extends the service life of SSDs up to eight times, through its firmware optimized for gaming and healthcare applications that often require small random writes to storage.

The exclusive Apacer CoreLife SSD product line has a P/E cycle 8x higher than MLC, 1.5x higher than SLC-lite, a significant upgrade in product durability and lifetime.

Its outstanding sequential random write performance is particularly suited for the loading requirements with mass random small data amount and high durability applications.

CoreLife technology: Increases the lifetime up to 8 times

  • Equipped with exclusive optimized SLC-lite technology and auto-adjust NAND technology
  • Intelligently adjusts the frequency of Garbage Collection and average Wear Leveling
  • Effectively uses block space to lower Write Amplification, unleash the optimal read/write performance, and extend SSD life cycle
  • Excellent sustained random write performance is ideal for huge volumes of small data writing applications.


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