With the increasing trend of intelligent industrial applications in mind, Apacer has developed a tailor-made technology set, “CloudPro™,” to meet the multi-faceted requirements of server and networking applications.

With the increasing trend of intelligent industrial applications in mind, Apacer has developed a tailor-made technology set, “CloudPro™,” to meet the multi-faceted requirements of server and networking applications and help customers find the right solutions, further simplifying the process of implementation.

CloudPro™ is classified into two levels based on customers’ requirements and Apacerʼs strong industry background.

  • CloudProtection: Solves common problems in network applications with enhanced technologies for endurance, extreme environments and value-added applications.
  • CloudProfessional: Provides more advanced solutions for reliability, data security and performance.
Related Technologies

With the issue of sulfuration in industrial environment in mind, Apacer has developed the world’s first range of anti-sulfuration memory modules, allowing them to operate steadily in a harsh sulfur-containing environment to meet high industrial standards.

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating ensures reliability of products by applying coatings on the surface of printed circuit boards. The protective film can safeguard devices from dust ingression and liquid immersion.


CoreAnalyzer2 is an exclusive, analytic data-behavior technology implemented on our SSD products. Featuring collecting and analyzing data of customers' host system, it can help our customers analyze their usage behavior so they can choose the best-suited.


Apacer's CorePower is a hardware-based technology designed to prevent data loss and ensure the stability of data transmission during a power outage by implementing backup power supply that allows sufficient time to move all cached data to NAND flash.


CoreLife technology extends the service life of SSDs up to eight times, through its firmware optimized for gaming and healthcare applications that often require small random writes to storage.

End-to-end Data Protection

This technology ensures that whenever data moves from the host to the controller or from the controller to DRAM or NAND flash, error checking is applied. In some cases, error correction will also be part of the circuit.

Nano Coating

This IP57 waterproof and dustproof solution is especially ideal for SSD modules as it provides invulnerable protection for the components on the devices.

Page Mapping

Page mapping is an advanced flash management technology and can be considered the ideal solution for industrial applications to increase random access speed and improve SSD lifespan, reduce block erase frequency, and achieve optimized performance.


Apacer’s SSDs support over-provisioning, which sets aside a certain portion of the physical capacity of the memory to carry out garbage collection, wear-leveling and bad block management. The result is a longer operating lifetime.


SLC-lite is Apacer’s proprietary technology that strikes a cost-performance balance between MLC and SLC flash types, making it an ideal alternative solution for mission-critical embedded or industrial applications.

SSDWidget 2.0

Apacer SSDWidget 2.0 is a comprehensive disk monitoring and maintaining utility. Designed with the concepts of S.M.A.R.T., SSDWidget2.0 can monitor SSD’s health-related information and provide SSD status for SSD lifetime monitoring and workload analysis.

TCG Opal 2.0

TCG Opal handles the encryption/decryption of information within the device without requiring a host, enabling fast encryption/ decryption and minimizing the risk of data leakage without undermining system performance.

Thermal Throttling

Thermal throttling mechanism dynamically adjusts frequency scaling to enhance data reliability and provides sustained performance while overheating.

Wide Temperature

Apacer’s products are designed with wide temperature support to ensure operation reliability in extreme temperature ranging from -40ºC to 85ºC.