The gaming market is growing rapidly, and huge opportunities are emerging. Apacer's CasinoPro™ provides industrial-grade storage solutions for gaming applications.

In order to meet the strict security requirements of the gaming industry and to ensure that gaming devices function properly, the reliability of SSDs and DRAM modules is extremely important. Apacer's CasinoPro™ provides three levels of industrial-grade storage solutions based on market demand, allowing customers to choose the ideal components for a specific application.

Related Technologies
AES 256-bit Encryption

The security standard trusted by the US government and many international security agencies. It’s an efficient and highly secure way of encrypting data to keep it safe from hackers and other...


CoreAnalyzer2 is an exclusive, analytic data-behavior technology implemented on our SSD products. Featuring collecting and analyzing data of customers' host system, it can help our customers...


Apacer's CorePower is a hardware-based technology designed to prevent data loss and ensure the stability of data transmission during a power outage by implementing backup power supply that a...


Apacer’s DataDefender™ combines both firmware and hardware mechanisms to ensure data integrity. Together, they allow more time for volatile data to be stored in the event of power loss.

Double-barreled Solution

Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution is comprised of CoreAnalyzer2 and SSDWidget2.0. CoreAnalyzer2 helps determine which SSD and firmware are most suitable for a customer, and SSDWidget2.0 lets...


Apacer’s SSDs support over-provisioning, which sets aside a certain portion of the physical capacity of the memory to carry out garbage collection, wear-leveling and bad block management. Th...

Page Mapping

Page mapping is an advanced flash management technology and can be considered the ideal solution for industrial applications to increase random access speed and improve SSD lifespan, reduce ...


SLC-lite is Apacer’s proprietary technology that strikes a cost-performance balance between MLC and SLC flash types, making it an ideal alternative solution for mission-critical embedded or ...


Apacer's 3D NAND SLC-liteX technology breaks through the limitations of existing technology and provides up to 100,000 P/E cycles, which is over 33 times more than MLC or industrial 3D TLC.

Smart Read Refresh™

Developed for read-intensive applications in particular, Smart Read Refresh™ is employed to make sure that during read operations, when the read operation threshold is reached, the data is r...

SSDWidget 2.0

Apacer SSDWidget 2.0 is a comprehensive disk monitoring and maintaining utility. Designed with the concepts of S.M.A.R.T., SSDWidget2.0 can monitor SSD’s health-related information and provi...

TCG Opal 2.0

TCG Opal handles the encryption/decryption of information within the device without requiring a host, enabling fast encryption/ decryption and minimizing the risk of data leakage without und...

Thermal Throttling

Thermal throttling mechanism dynamically adjusts frequency scaling to enhance data reliability and provides sustained performance while overheating.

Wide Temperature

Apacer’s products are designed with wide temperature support to ensure operation reliability in extreme temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 85ºC.

Write Protect

Write Protect can prevent drives from unauthorized data writing via a hardware switch/pin or vendor software command.