Thermal Sensor

Thermal sensor monitors the temperature of SSD devices via S.M.A.R.T. commands. With Thermal Throttling Technology, the host system can take preventive actions by monitoring temperature changes of SSD.


S.M.A.R.T. is a self-monitoring system that provides indicators of drive health as well as potential disk problems. It serves as a warning for users from unscheduled downtime by monitoring and displaying critical drive information.


Device Sleep is a feature that allows SATA devices to enter a low power mode by designating pin P3 as DEVSLP signal with an aim to reducing power consumption.

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating ensures reliability of products by applying coatings on the surface of printed circuit boards. The protective film can safeguard devices from dust ingression and liquid immersion.

Nano Coating

This IP57 waterproof and dustproof solution is especially ideal for SSD modules as it provides invulnerable protection for the components on the devices.

Content Pre-load

Apacer provides Content Pre-load service for our clients by installing an ISO image file of an operating system on SSD storage products during manufacturing in order to help spare the trouble at client’s end and increase shipment efficiency.

30µ Gold Contact

With the 30µ gold plating, the connector interface is more reliable and can withstand the potential damages in industrial applications.


Erase provides drive sanitization measures, developed to securely and thoroughly erase data in operating blocks. It can be implemented through vendor software command or hardware architect.

Write Protect

Write Protect can prevent drives from unauthorized data write via a hardware switch/pin or vendor software command.


Apacer’s DataRAID™ algorithm involves aggregating the parity data used for error checking. So, in the event that data becomes corrupted, the parity data can be compared to the existing data and the corrupted data can be rebuilt.


Apacer’s SSDs support over-provisioning, which sets aside a certain portion of the physical capacity of the memory to carry out garbage collection, wear-leveling and bad block management. The result is a longer operating lifetime.