Defense Series


  • SH24D defense series
  • 3D NAND SLC-liteX Technology
  • Supports TCG Opal 2.0 / AES 256-bit encryption
  • Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) Code
  • Global Wear Leveling
  • SMART Read Refresh™
  • S.M.A.R.T.
  • ATA Secure Erase
  • TRIM
  • End-to-End Data Protection
  • DataDefender™ 

Tailor-made Rugged Solutions for Defense Applications

Apacer SH24D is a series of rugged, defense-grade solid-state drives and modules specifically designed for defense applications to protect highly sensitive data. Utilizing 3D NAND for higher capacity up to 640GB and providing more power efficiency than 2D NAND, SH24D is implemented with LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) ECC engine and 3D NAND SLC-liteX technology to extend SSD endurance with higher number of P/E cycles up to 100,000 times and increase data reliability.

Incorporating hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption and Smart Read Refresh™, Apacer SH24D not only offers high performance, reliability and data security, but also extends the expected operational lifetime multiplied by Global Wear Leveling. Data integrity and stability of data transmission can be further guaranteed by DataDefender™, ensuring that products are protected from power disruptions and can function smoothly even in harsh environments. Moreover, the level of protection against data loss increases with DataRAID™ to provide fault tolerance and improve data availability in the event of a drive failure.

Multiple Protection Technologies that Safeguard Sensitive Data

In addition to the aforementioned built-in implementations, Apacer SH24D provides a wide range of optional solutions and cutting-edge technologies featuring multiple approaches to protection, including TCG Opal 2.0/SED, Instant Keychange, MIL Erase, Digital Destruction and Write Protect. These security features can be triggered either via software or hardware methods, except TCG Opal 2.0 which can only be activated via software commands. With these technologies available for employment, mission-critical data is safeguarded against unauthorized access at all times and no data will be compromised as Apacer SH24D adheres to military compliance standards.

Withstood 8 Tough US DoD Military Standard Tests

Apacer SH24D-300 is a combination of the latest firmware, software and hardware technologies that guarantee that defense solutions are perfectly customized and engineered for customers’ requirements. With protective technologies and robust design, Apacer SH24D provides the highest standard of reliability – whether in terms of data security, data integrity and data protection. 

The US Department of Defense has a complex series of military standards. Apacer  defense series has passed their tests that cover:

  1. Shock
  2. Vibration: Reaches the highest requirements of MIL-STD 810G 514.6 for Fixed Wing Jet Aircraft.
  3. Humidity
  4. High/Low Temp.
  5. Thermal Shock: Exposes components to high and low temperatures that cycle rapidly.
  6. Altitude: Simulates the effects of high pressure in an aircraft flying at 80,000 feet.
  7. Salt Fog: Uses a five percent salt spray to simulate accelerated corrosion in a relatively slow airflow environment.
  8. Radiation: Simulates the full-spectrum interference environment that heat and sunlight can create.




  • eDM Datasheet for SH24D series 495.13 KB
  • eDM SH24D-300 1.95 MB