Spectral Irradiance Meter

Plant Lighting Measurement Solution


》 Wide Measuring Range: 330~850 nm (UV~IR)
》 High Optical Resolution (FWHM): 5.5 nm
》 Support High Illuminance Measurment (up to 400,000 lx)
》 A pioneer for dual measuring modes in one device (plant & general lighting measuring modes)
》 Exclusively Self-defined Wavelength Range, to measure PPFD more precisely
》 With ASP Software,to produce more detailed measuring information

Professional optical inspection provider

Interested in Ai111 ?

Specialized measuring device in plant&general lighting

Apacer Ai111 spectral irradiance meter for plant lighting is designed especailly for the customers who need to do diverse lighting measurements. With dual-mode switching function and professional ASP/ASI software, it's more convenient to notice real-time growing conditions of plants under plant lighting measuring mode and also to check various items of light sources under general lighting measuring mode. Besides, it allows to produce an integrated report in PDF format.

*This product also can be changed to optical fiber solutions or support OEM/ODM to match different customers' demands.

ASP Software Properties

【Tabbed Category】 easy to compare two diagrams at once with measuring data
【Mutilple Measuring Modes】single measurement, continous measurment and ten-times average measurement
【Diverse Data Management】The measured data can be stored as excel file, (.csv), image(.png)or integrated PDF file
【Manual Integration Time Selection】 It's able to set integration time manully to apply various experiment conditions
【Timing Measurement】 It's available for setting start and end time to do periodical measurement automatically
【Irradiance distribution diagram in corresponsive wavelengths】 Clear to see the distribution condition of irradiance in different wavelengths

High Illuminance Measurement

  • 1 to 400,000lx

SD Card Data Storage

  • Real-time data storage
  • support to 16 GB
  • two-layer data categorized storage

Self-defined Wavelength Range

  • Allows to define wavelengths range manually to see corrsponsive PPFD

Data Visualization

  • CRI, CIE1931, CIE1976, TM30-15(Rf/Rg) and spectrogram etc.

ASP Software

  • Support Windows 7 and above operation system
  • Fast data collection
  • integrate information to a report in the terms of PDF file

Quick Measurement

  • Auto integration time:1ms〜60s

High Capacity of  Li-on Battery

  • 3350 mAh li-on battery, available for 4.8 hrs in continious measuring status

Portable Design

  • Adopts MEMS techniques
  • slickly reduces weights to 350g