• Bringing real-world color straight into Photoshop
  • Matching color to paint brands, right there in the app*
  • Color-grading photographs based on actual color readings
  • Easy spot checks to ensure color consistency
  • Helping fashion designers coordinate colorful textiles
  • Ensuring that digital color assets pop when printed in the real world

Professional optical inspection provider

Interested in Cube ?

Color match like a pro.

Match every color you capture to thousands of built-in hues from a growing list of partners, including Benjamin Moore, PPG, COPIC, RAL and many others.

To control, classify and sync your colors with incredible apps

Express your creativity with beautiful apps built to make Cube even better.
Find perfect paint matches, magically import real color into Photoshop, and a whole lot more.

Built to last. And to impress.

We know the creative process can be intense. With a high-impact shell and no mechanical points of failure Cube is designed to work as hard as you do.

Capture a fleeting moment of inspiration

Cube lets you accurately capture inspiring color wherever it appears.
Store or share your captured inspiration with colleagues in an instant.

Create your own color palette

There’s no need to be bound by a fixed selection of colours in countless fandecks.
Capture a series of colours and create your own digital palette instead.


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