• Detect lower luminance level
  • Multiple connection options: Wi-Fi, GPIO, USB
  • app support for mobile devicces
  • Standard ASR, custom value-added software service

Professional optical inspection provider

Interested in AL200/ AL210 ?

Provide a complete optical measurement solution

Apacer’s AL200 handheld spectroradiometer is capable of a wide range of measurements, including visible light, luminance, chromaticity, color rendering index and color temperature, and has an accuracy of ±3%. When combined with the use of specialized software, the results of measurement can be presented in simple and easy-to-understand graphs. AL200 is applicable for panels, such as LCD and PDP, even measuring luminance as low as 0.005 Nit as required for new-generation OLED display, realizing high contrast measurement accuracy.

Lower Luminance Range

  • Able to measure luminance range: 0.01 nit

High Compatibility

  • Easily compatible with automated equipments by providing free SDKs

App Support

  • Connects to the App on the mobile phone through WiFi (Only for AL210)

Muliple Connection Methods

  • WiFi (Only for AL210)

Fast Measurement

  • Faster measurement speed: 0.1 nit at 5s

ASR Software

  • Supports Microsoft Windows
  • Easy to collect data via computer operation
  • Clear illustrations of luminance, chromaticity coordinates, and spectral distribution etc.
  • Simple customization is available for QC or production demands



  • eDM AL200/210 Brochure 515.27 KB