AL100/ AL110

  • MEMS, portable & easy-to-Carry
  • High-spec technology allows wide-ranging and rapid measurements
  • Contact and contactless dual-purpose optical design
  • ASR(Apacer Spectroradiometer software)enables an intuitive way to operate

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High-Performance Communication

Apacer portable AL100/110 Spectroradiometer is based on a differentiated technology of MEMS micro-grating, which enables minimal product size by means of a concave grating, compared to conventional spectrometers that must come with quasi-face mirror, plane grating and focusing lens. In addition, as the innovative portable Spectroradiometer allows measurements in either a contact or a contactless manner, it can be used in both light and darkness. Its application ranges from LCD, backlight module to PDP, etc. as well as the test of their luminance, color rendering and color temperature, resulting in a spectrum at an accuracy of ±3%.

Wide testing range

Measuring range of

AL100/110: 0.5 to 60K Nit

AL200/210: 1 to 200K Nit

Contact / distance measurement

  • Allows reading in both bright and dark room
  • Enabling timely measurement

SD card storage

  • Allows immediate data storage
  • Expandable capacity by using SD cards
  • Easily download data by using ASR software

Data Visualization and Infographics

Multiple graphs and figures: CRI, 1931x,y, 1976u’,v’, and spectrogram

ASR software

  • Supports Windows operating system
  • Easy to collect and test data by computer-controlled
  • Diagram of luminance, color and spectrum distribution

Fast measurement

  • Auto measuring time 1ms~3000ms
  • Manual measuring time up to 60sec

High capacity lithium battery

3550 mAh battery power offering up to 4.8 hours of continuous testing

Handheld design

  • Adopts MEMS technology offering miniaturization
  • Machine weighing ≦ 500g



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