With Strong R&D Momentum, Apacer's Cloud-edge Integration Online Exhibition Reveals Diversified Solutions to Expand Business Opportunities

Sep 23, 2020

As international exhibitions continue to respond to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic by transferring content online, Apacer, the global storage and memory leading brand, has not stopped its R&D and innovation, and is now launching its Cloud-edge Integration online expo. The exhibition combines the two product lines of industrial applications and consumer entertainment, together with the release of selected new products and technical training videos, to expand Apacer’s display of diversified storage and memory products and solutions.

Hardware Upgrades Combined with Cloud Management to Assist Industrial Applications in All Fields

Focusing on the business opportunities of 5G networking and AI computing, Apacer divides industrial solutions into four main axes: "high performance," "high reliability," "cloud service" and "rugged solutions." First of all, in order to meet the hardware upgrade requirements of industrial customers, Apacer launched a full range of DDR4-3200 standard temperature/industrial-grade wide-temperature memory, and PCIe SSD solutions with multiple specifications, such as patented flexible NPLink SSDs, M.2 2230 SSDs, PCIe BGA SSDs, CFexpress high-speed memory cards with Write Protect technology and EDSFF/NGSFF (M.3) SSDs. These innovative products deliver high performance and high reliability.

In addition, Apacer deeply integrated software, firmware and hardware applications, developed the Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition for cloud management applications, and cooperated with Advantech WISE-PaaS and Allxon to provide multiple remote monitoring platforms and cloud security value-added services, which greatly reduce deployment, maintenance costs and system downtime. In the rugged product field, in addition to revealing the industrial micro SDHC R1-M that has just obtained the highest-spec in-vehicle certification IATF 16949: 2016 Letter of Conformance, Apacer also launched a large-capacity 2.5" R-SATA SSD that guarantees at least 20,000 insertions and removals. Also on display is a series of rugged memory products such as XR-LRDIMM, XR-DIMM, Rugged SODIMM, etc., to meet the needs of high-end aerospace defense, automotive and other industrial applications.

Complete Range Of Consumer Entertainment Storage, Seizing the Long-distance Demand and Launching High-durability SSDs

On the other hand, looking at the needs of remote work in the post-pandemic era, Apacer uses high-durability SSDs tailored specifically for network-attached storage (NAS) devices to create safe and reliable network storage for small and medium businesses (SMB) and home offices. With regard to the layout of consumer entertainment product lines, Apacer also continues to develop diversified products. Not only is Apacer actively rushing to market with the mini flash drive series, but it is also expanding the capacity of mobile phones in terms of memory cards, supporting 4K Ultra HD and high-speed continuous shooting, and continuing to evolve.

For external storage devices, Apacer’s AS722/AS721 external SSDs have the advantages of high-speed, drop-resistant, lightweight, and large-capacity mobile storage. Equipped with next-generation high-speed USB-C interfaces, they provide a smooth and convenient experience. A new force has also been added to the military-grade SSD product line, creating the industry’s highest standard AC732 military-grade drop-resistant mobile hard disk, which is also resistant to 4,000kg of pressure, passed the US military standard drop test, and is IP68-rated waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Five strict protection certifications are the best choice for users who value data protection.

For more than 20 years, Apacer has built highly reliable and highly customized products and services with deep industry experience. This online expo also covers eight application market areas including IoT, server/networking, transportation, defense, casino gaming, healthcare, factory automation and entertainment, and Apacer will display all innovative products online from now on. For more information on new products and technologies, please visit Apacer's Cloud-edge Integration online exhibition:


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