Full Protection of Data Security with Apacer Technology's Industrial-Grade USBs

Feb 27, 2018

Unlike normal consumer USB storage drives, USB devices for the industrial domain require absolute data security, integrity, and stability. This is especially true of devices created in response to varying situations, special customization requirements, and particularly unstable or extreme environments. 

Typically, components for equipment utilized in industrial markets undergo rigorous testing to ensure compatibility prior to use. As such, the loss of such a component is often much more significant than in a comparable consumer product. Apacer Technology Inc. has developed a full range of gage-level USB storage solution designs for terminal applications in industrial markets, including for vertical applications in the gaming, transportation, medical, and financial industries as well as in automation markets. 

Apacer Technology's full-series USB storage applications feature the following characteristics:

Severe Earthquake-Resistant Chips Selected Through Rigid Environmental Testing

Apacer and its strategic alliance of suppliers utilize high-quality flash memory chips that allow products to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. The shock resistance of the internal structure meets strict military MIL-STD810G / MIL-STD202G specifications to ensure stable operations in the most extreme and harsh of environments. 

Highest Level Software Data Security and Protection Technology

Built-in error checking and correcting firmware can instantly detect abnormal potential changes and corrections in order to avoid the writing of incorrect data. In addition, management personnel can utilize custom anti-write mechanisms to freely set write protection sectors, restrict writing, and alter and delete data permissions. Apacer's USB storage solutions set multiple protection mechanisms within the software and firmware to protect against data leaks. 

Global Wear-Leveling Technology Integrated with Smart Monitoring Software

In addition to built-in global wear-leveling technology, Apacer's USB solutions also feature optimal storage space utilization and increased product lifespans. They are equipped with S.M.A.R.T. real-time monitoring software, enabling administrators to more thoroughly monitor USB usage data like the average and maximum erase times, the total number of blocks damaged after use, and predicted service life. Users can also diagnose the health of a USB device in real-time to avoid instances of abrupt failure and the resultant data corruption. 

Long-Term Commitment to Supplying the Most Secure and Stable Storage Solutions

Industrial equipment comes with a high cost but can be utilized for a number of years. To ensure compatibility even as materials change during the dozens of years that a piece of equipment is in use, Apacer pledges a long-term supply of USB storage solutions with a fixed BOM certification. 

Companies can add another level of protection by using the exclusive vendor and product identification code (VID/PIC), as well as factory serial number settings that bind USB products to specific devices in order to track usage and to deny access by other equipment. In the gaming industry, these characteristics help avoid both the risks that arise when changing materials and the trouble of obtaining re-verification of certifications. 

Highest Level Customized Software and Hardware Services 

Apacer Technology is a well-established provider of industrial storage application technologies and has the capacity to conduct hardware and software research independently, allowing us to provide clients with high-level customized products and value-added services. For instance, ordinary consumer USB storage devices are designed with removable device settings when they are manufactured. Apacer, however, can manufacture non-removable USB storage devices in compliance with clients' requirements to be utilized as system storage disks. Another possibility is to have set data formatting restrictions and set USB flash drive storage capacities. 

Loss of operational data may potentially result in a business crisis. As such, it's crucial for companies across all industries to select reliable and durable USB storage devices for their real-life applications. 

Apacer Technology has been conducting operations in the storage market for many years and possesses extensive research capabilities, resulting in uniquely customized services and the flexibility to respond to market demands. In this diverse and rapidly changing market, the functionality, stability, and reliability of Apacer's storage solutions satisfies product specification requirements and helps clients increase their competitiveness in the market, along with their profitability.