Apacer to Showcase Latest Technology at Japan IT Week 2019

Apr 03, 2019

Apacer to Showcase Latest Technology at Japan IT Week 2019

Integrated Solutions for AIoT Storage and Monitoring


Apacer Technology will present its latest comprehensive line of industrial memory products and smart network storage at Japan IT Week. From April 10 to 12, 2019, attendees can view Apacer products that feature improved performance, stability and memory life. Apacer has collaborated with several system integrators to develop intelligent environmental monitoring systems, to help grow the artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) fields, particularly when it comes to automated manufacturing.

Double-barreled Solution Helps Extend SSD Lifespans

At Japan IT Week, Apacer will also showcase the Double-barreled Solution smart monitoring and SSD selection tool. This is based on two major tools. First, CoreAnalyzer2 carries out a comprehensive analysis of host and SSD usage behavior patterns. This allows the selection of the most suitable SSD for any given system. Next, once the SSD is in use, SSDWidget 2.0 can be used to monitor it remotely. This allows users to effectively predict the end of an SSD’s operational lifetime, and replace it with a new one so that data is never lost.

Opaque (Based on TCG Opal 2.0): Innovative Encryption Management

As more and more devices are connected to each other and to the Internet, information security is a growing concern for both end-users and manufacturers. With this in mind, Apacer developed Opaque, a custom implementation of the TCG Opal 2.0 standard. This provides customers with a simple solution for switching to self-encrypting drives, and for managing data and user authorization on those devices.

Turbocharged USB Is a Real Leap Forward

Global AIoT manufacturers are looking for small, powerful devices which feature high transmission speeds and near-zero latency. The Apacer Turbocharged USB is designed to meet these demands. A Turbocharged USB drive has IOPS speeds up to 30 times higher than a standard USB 3.1 device. It’s called Turbocharged for a reason.

XR-DIMM: When Memory Needs to be Tougher

Apacer recently created the XR-DIMM memory module, for manufacturers looking for a truly resilient memory solution. With its 300-pin connector and two terminal mounting holes, it had no problem meeting and exceeding the MIL-STD-810 shock and vibration tests. It also features superior protection technologies.

Intelligent Environmental Monitoring System

Apacer’s intelligent environmental monitoring system is based on a lightweight and easy-to-install sensor. This can be combined with other systems to provide fire protection, power supply monitoring, and surveillance integration. Connected to a Linebot and the Line App, it becomes a truly convenient real-time monitoring platform. It has already proved a success when integrated into the national caregiver examination hall at St. John’s University in Taiwan.

Japan IT Week 2019 Exhibition Information:
Exhibition Dates: 4/10-4/12, 2019
Exhibition Hall: IoT M2M Expo
Booth no.: 10-58
Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Hall (Tokyo Big Sight), Japan