Apacer makes a foray into DDR4 wide temperature memory module market

Oct 13, 2016

Actively expanding its industrial memory products, the world-leading industrial memory brand Apacer Technology, with the full support of its strategic partner Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, has launched its first DDR4 wide temperature memory module series. Using industrial-grade chips, the memory module series provides a rugged solution for industrial equipments operating under extreme temperatures for long hours. Enhanced with underfill and industrial-grade wide temperature components, Apacer DDR4 wide temperature memory module series is cold-resistant, heat-resistant and highly reliable. In combination with its vibration and thermal shock resistance, the scope of applications for wide temperature memory products is expanded, meeting the requirements of industrial products operating in harsh environments.


All industrial-grade components further reinforce stability under low/high temperature environments

In order to maintain highly stable operating performance in harsh environments, Apacer DDR4 memory module series not only uses original Samsung industrial-grade wide temperature chips, its passive components are also upgraded to full industrial grade. The wide temperature memory series adopts industrial-grade capacitors and resistors. Capacitors with maximum thermal resistance of 125°C ensures more stable supply voltage in a high-temperature environment, while industrial-grade precision resistors have lower tolerance (±1%) and more matching specifications, significantly increasing circuit stability and durability. Furthermore, to prevent instability of signal transmission in harsh environments, DDR4 wide temperature memory module utilizes 30µ thicker golden finger plating for its PCB.


Underfill technique improves product reliability

Underfill technique is used under the BGA to reinforce the product’s resistance against vibration and thermal shock. When subject to greater temperature changes, the difference in coefficient of thermal expansion between the silicon chip and the PCB substrate often causes relative shifts during thermal shock test, resulting in solder points falling off or fracturing. Underfill technique effectively strengthens the solder points between solder balls and circuit board, reducing thermal stress damage, increasing product reliability and thus increasing product lifespan. 


Apacer’s new wide temperature DDR4 SODIMM for industrial use has a maximum capacity of 16GB and supports frequencies of up to 2133/2400MHz. Using high-quality DDR4 wide temperature chips and industrial-grade components, reinforced with underfill technique, it can adapt to extreme operating temperatures, providing impeccable durability for the system. Passing thermal shock test, which exposes a product to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures, it has been proven to operate within the temperature range of -40°C and 85°C, making it an applicable solution for industrial equipments, such as military, vehicular, outdoor and rugged computers.

Apacer DDR4 Wide Temperature Spec:

Module Type

DDR4 Wide Temperature SODIMM


2400MHz /2133MHz





Pin count




PCB Height


Operation Temp.

TC=-40℃ to 85℃