Apacer launches industrial-grade R1-series microSD/SD memory cards

May 03, 2016

As the Internet of Things (IoT) took off worldwide, a whole slew of hardware, software and even systems related to this connectivity have rushed into the market. In its research report, global management consultancy McKinsey & Company points out that the impact of IoT on the global economy could reach $6.2 trillion by 2025, and by 2020, the global market for connected devices would be between 20 billion or 30 billion units. In light of the stringent storage requirements of IoT on different domains of automation applications, Apacer Technology Inc. (Apacer) has launched the industrial-grade storage solution for massive amounts of small data – microSD/SD R1 memory cards. The dual assurances of selected chips and customized firmware service provide customers with stable quality that is highly reliable and optimized.

Industrial applications of IoT extend to a wide range of industries, including transportation, healthcare, security and surveillance. To accelerate the processing of exploding digital flows and maintain continuous and seamless operation, the Apacer R1-series microSD/SD memory cards are the ideal solution. According to Jeff Lin, Apacer’s senior director of vertical market application product division, R1 microSD/SD memory cards are built with original high-quality SLC chips and are subject to rigorous environmental testing. Used with page mapping firmware, it increases the random read and write speed several tens of megabytes per second faster, making it more effective in processing small random writes. The value-adding function of firmware technology also significantly reduces the write amplification factor (WAF), prolonging product life and durability. Furthermore, customized firmware optimizing tools, such as write protect, protect stored contents, ensuring date security and integrity. Compliant with high-density storage specification required in industrial automation, R1 microSD/SD memory cards are specifically designed for high-speed access and storage of massive amounts of small data. These memory cards reduce read disturb and prolong product life, satisfying the diverse applications under IoT and achieving maximum performance.

IoT devices in the industrial automation domain require high-level specifications. Such devices are small, compact and not error-tolerant. They also need to process tasks much faster. Compatible with the latest SD3.0 interface, the Apacer R1-series microSD/SD memory cards are available in capacities of 1 to 16GB despite their small form factor and demonstrate excellent performance while consuming little power.

SD memory cards with 8GB and above capacities adopt the UHS-1/Class 10 specification, achieving read/write speeds of 43/41 MB/s. Further, all R1 microSD/SD memory cards support ECC (error correcting code), wear leveling and SMART (self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology) to reduce data error from repeated writes, ensure data integrity, increase product life and monitor memory health status at all times. Their stringent manufacturing quality and exceptional firmware support provide customers with assurance of high reliability and complete service.