Apacer launches VLP DDR4 mini ECC UDIMM series

Aug 16, 2016

In recent years, the stable growth of cloud computing and its data storage applications has brought about a boom in the networking, storage equipment and telecom industries, leading to the surge in demand in the related industries. Many major Internet service and telecom companies have expanded their data centers and actively built their cloud platforms. In light of this, Apacer Technology has launched the VLP DDR4 mini ECC UDIMM which is especially designed for networking, telecom and industrial automation systems. Delivering advantages such as space-saving, high-speed data transmission and low power consumption, it is a perfect fit for network communication and embedded industrial automation equipment, optimizing high-performance cloud operating systems.

VLP mini form factor ideal for small-size industrial computers and microservers

Apacer VLP DDR4 mini ECC UDIMM memory modules are available in very low profile (VLP) and mini specifications. Measuring only 0.738-inch high and 80mm long, they effectively save over 60% space as compared to standard DDR4 ECC UDIMMs, and improve heat dissipation in products with space constraints, making them suitable for small-size industrial computers, microservers and networking equipment.

ECC ensures data integrity, low power consumption meets requirements of IoT connectivity

A single-bit error could destroy data or crash the system. Apacer VLP DDR4 mini ECC UDIMM memory module is equipped with ECC function which helps to detect and correct memory error, preventing file damage or data loss from system crash. Its built-in thermal sensor also monitors memory temperature to increase product reliability. Operating at ultra-low voltage (1.2V), Apacer VLP DDR4 mini UDIMM memory module is up to 30% more energy efficient than previous-generation DDR3, reducing the costs of networking, server system and cloud enterprises.

Apacer VLP DDR4 mini ECC UDIMM memory modules are available in two clock speeds, i.e. DDR4 2400 and 2133, and capacities ranging from 4-16GB. The memory modules are JEDEC-compliant, and manufactured to meet RoHS/ Halogen Free environmental directives. Featuring small form factor and ECC/ thermal sensor, they are highly stable and reliable, and are mainly used in industrial embedded, networking and server systems, meeting the requirements of low power consumption and equipment with space constraint.

Apacer DRAM module VLP Mini ECC UDIMM specification:

Module Type



2400MHz /2133MHz





Pin count




PCB Height


PCB Length