Apacer launches NVMe PCIe SSD

Mar 01, 2017

Pushing through SSD bottleneck, boosting computing performance

In response to consumer needs for faster big data processing and real-time computing, Apacer Technology has launched the industrial-grade PM110-M280, a high-performance PCIe SSD suitable for cloud computing, IoT, and virtual environments. This enterprise SSD features a PCIe Gen3 x4 interface for faster transmission speeds and supports industry-leading NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), greatly improving IOPS and low latency performance and pushing through the bottleneck of previous AHCI standards to fully maximize performance.

Technological advances have led to problems involving the high volume, access speed, and diversity of data. Over the past few years, IT infrastructure has been raising its efficiency and speed in order to meet the challenges of the big data era, with more focus on increasing the system’s IOPS. Apacer's PCIe SSD PM110-M280 provides the solution for fast big data processing. By using the emerging NVMe standard rather than AHCI, this SSD receives a performance boost that allows for higher bandwidth, low latency, and greatly increased IOPS, all of which provide advantages in cloud computing, real-time analysis, and IoT. NVMe’s autonomous power state transition and dynamic power management extend battery life for mobile devices for greater power management. In addition, the exceptional applicability and compatibility of the NVMe SSD allows it to be widely adopted in major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, VMware, and UEFI.

As Apacer’s next generation SSD, the PM110-M280 (M.2 2280) uses the PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and is compliant with the latest NVMe 1.2 specifications. At 4K, the SSD achieves random read and write speeds of up to 293,000 IOPS and 194,000 IOPS respectively, demonstrating remarkable computing performance. Its slim and lightweight form factors allow the M.2 2280 to offer more flexible applications and meet the requirements of diverse specifications, such as expandable and embedded devices, while providing exceptional reliability and transmission performance.

The PM110-M280 is built with proprietary core technologies to meet stringent requirements for industrial-grade storage devices and to achieve enhanced reliability, longevity, and speed. It has built-in thermal throttling and thermal sensors to monitor temperature in order to increase product reliability, and it features ECC, Global Wear Leveling, a SMART system that automatically detects and analyzes product use status, as well as end-to-end data protection. The adoption of newly evolved 4K Page Mapping firmware solves problems in small random data writes and extends the SSD’s product lifespan, while the SSDWidget provides real-time monitoring anytime, anywhere. Apacer also ensures supply stability and low compatibility risk with the NVMe PCIe SSD. Once products are verified by customers, Apacer offers a Fixed B.O.M guarantee to ensure a reliable product supply with high manufacturing quality and provides comprehensive service through excellent firmware technology support.