Apacer awarded proprietary patent for anti-sulfuration memory

Apr 26, 2017

Apacer awarded proprietary patent for anti-sulfuration memory

Solves corrosion problems in highly polluted IPC environment


World-leading industrial memory brand Apacer Technology continuously develops forward-looking products and technologies for customers in the industrial computer industry as it faces the challenges of a harsh operating environment. In view of the sulfuration of electronic components caused by the increasingly polluted environment, Apacer has developed the world’s first range of anti-sulfuration memory modules for the sulfur-containing environment. Widely recognized and awarded patents in many countries, the new anti-sulfuration memory not only effectively solves corrosion problems caused by environmental pollution but also increases overall system lifespan and allows stable system operation over long hours in a harsh environment, ensuring product reliability and durability. 


Invisible killer of memory modules – resistor sulfuration

Unlike the comparatively stable application environment of standard memory modules, the environment in which industrial computers operate is often very hot and highly polluted. Thus, industrial memory products must be customized for use in different types of unique application environments. Using anti-sulfuration technology, Apacer enables memory modules to resist corrosion problems in highly polluted environment, greatly improving the overall stability of industrial computer systems. In a highly polluted environment, excess concentration of airborne sulfur-containing particles can easily react with silver used in the electrode to form silver sulfide which is non-conductive. As sulfuration increases, resistance value will also increase, eventually causing an open circuit. Sulfuration is particularly pervasive in equipment, such as automobile electronics and cell tower communication equipment, which are often exposed to polluted air. The excellent anti-sulfuration feature of Apacer’s new anti-sulfuration memory modules effectively solves the problems of product reliability and durability caused by resistor sulfuration.


Anti-sulfuration technology and wide temperature support prevent accelerated resistor sulfuration due to high temperature

As industrial computers are exposed to high temperature and high concentration of airborne sulfur-containing particles over long periods of time, the high temperature will accelerate sulfuration of the resistors and in turn shorten product lifespan. The world’s first industrial wide-temperature anti-sulfuration memory module developed by Apacer combines anti-sulfuration with wide temperature support to ensure stable operation even in a highly polluted sulfur-rich environment and extreme climatic conditions. Apacer’s proprietary patented anti-sulfuration memory modules are particularly suitable for embedded industrial computing systems, meeting the requirements for stable operation over long hours in a harsh environment.


Revolutionary applications of innovative technology, expected to become the mainstream specification in the IPC industry

The problem of sulfuration in electronic products has been gaining increasing attention. It is especially critical for industrial computer products which require high reliability and long hours of operation. Anti-sulfuration technology is expected to become the mainstream specification in the IPC industry. Built using its patented anti-sulfuration technology, Apacer’s anti-sulfuration memory not only provides wide temperature support but also more signal transmission. The gold finger designed specifically for the anti-sulfuration memory modules is 30µ thick, which is 10 times thicker than the usual industry standard of 3µ. With improved reliability, the memory modules provide stronger technology and multiple protection for industrial control systems, automobile electronics, medical equipment, national defense, networking equipment, outdoor cell towers and even mining control systems operating in highly contaminated environments, making them the best choice for industrial systems operating in harsh environments.

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