Apacer UDM3.0 for 1U Server Boasts Greater Capacity and performance

Mar 15, 2016

Meeting the need of businesses for more compact and effective server room, Apacer Technology has launched the 22.4mm-high UDM3.0 (USB Disk Module) tailored for 1U server. Besides maximizing space efficiency and cost effectiveness, it provides the super-speed performance of USB3.0. Apacer embedded micro-drive UDM3.0 1U is built on SLC/MLC chips and offer various capacity choices. Compactly designed, it is suitable for system booting. It is a storage solution that combines the advantages of stability, flexibility in space utilization and expandable capacity.

Following the success of UDM2.0 in helping businesses trim down system space, and benefiting from better heat dissipation and capacity expansion, Apacer has moved forward with the introduction of the high-speed UDM3.0 1U. Being light and compact, UDM3.0 1U effectively increases air flow in the 1U server box while allowing for more flexibility in spatial distribution of server racks. UDM3.0 1U is highly stable as proven by stringent testing. It features excellent shock resistance and supports a wide operating temperature (-40℃~+85℃), ensuring data access even in the event of failed air conditioning in the server room. Built on highly stable SLC chips, it offers capacity of up to 16GB; and for cost-conscious customers, MLC chips offers capacities of 8GB~32GB. In addition to basic functions, such as global wear leveling and error-correcting code (ECC) memory, to effectively strengthen product performance, Apacer UDM3.0 1U is also equipped with many specialized core technologies, including SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), which automatically detects and analyzes usage habits, and recommends optimal configuration and utilization to prevent data loss.

According to Apacer, the miniaturization of end devices has become the new trend. The design of new-generation UDM3.0 1U allows for a simpler and leaner 1U system architecture, improving heat dissipation and capacity expansion, making it the customized storage solution for the similarly ultra-thin 1U enterprise server.