Apacer Showcases The World’s Fastest Storage Card At IoT Tech Expo 2018

Nov 27, 2018

Apacer Showcases The World’s Fastest Storage Card At IoT Tech Expo 2018

Revolutionizing the IoT and Industrial IoT Storage Map


Apacer will introduce a CFexpress card that boasts read-write speeds faster than any other storage card on the market at IoT Tech Expo 2018 in Silicon Valley. The PV130-CFX will be unveiled alongside Apacer’s other 3D TLC innovations on November 28 and 29. Our cutting-edge 3D TLC solutions will find a home in many vertical applications, including transportation, logistics, healthcare, automation, intelligent manufacturing and smart cities. Products will benefit from this product’s high-capacity, high-speed and high-tolerance capabilities, and profit margins will grow thanks to its cost-effectiveness. 

Nothing In The Storage Card Field Can Keep Up

The PV130-CFX card is based on industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND flash memory, and has a capacity of up to 512GB. It supports over-provisioning technology as well as meeting the high-tolerance requirements of the IIoT field. Thanks to its top-of-the-line PCIe NVMe Gen3x2 interface, it offers transfer speeds up to three times higher than SATA 3, giving it continuous read/write speeds of up to 1600/1000 MB/s. It also features a built-in intelligent temperature control system for thermal throttling. This uses intelligent frequency modulation to ensure data stability and integrity is not threatened by higher temperatures. Its reliable operation, even in temperatures ranging from -40 to 85oC, is extraordinary. 

Double-barreled Solution Means Longer-Lasting SSDs

Apacer will also be taking advantage of the opportunity at IoT Tech Expo 2018 to introduce its Double-barreled Solution to extending SSD lifespans. As the IoT market spans multiple fields, the real-world usage behavior of storage devices is diverse and complex. After adopting a particular SSD, customers often have difficulty understanding the actual usage behavior in the field, beyond the basic data such as the SSD’s status and remaining capacity. Therefore, the full benefit of the SSD may not be leveraged. To address issues like this, Apacer developed a Double-barreled Solution. The first step is to determine the most ideal SSD for a particular application, including selecting the most suitable firmware. This can be done within Apacer’s CoreAnalyzer2 software. Users can provide data to CoreAnalyzer2 via a field workload simulation. Then Apacer will analyze it and recommend one or more SSDs that are most suitable for the simulation conditions, along with possible firmware adaptations that may prove beneficial. The second step is to monitor SSD usage remotely, which can be easily done using Apacer’s SSDWidget2.0 software. This offers users the ability to identify which SSDs are approaching the end of their service lives, which can significantly reduce manpower and maintenance costs, increasing cost competitiveness for enterprises. Preventing unwarranted downtime also means data integrity can be ensured. 


Apacer has brought hardware and software innovations like these to the market since 1998. We’ve delivered more than 135 million memory modules, and we’re currently shipping more industrial-grade storage products than anyone else in the world. With the dawn of the IoT era, demand for reliable data storage is skyrocketing. Apacer will continue to offer the best and most trustworthy storage solutions to help the IoT market reach its full potential.””


Apacer booth information at 2018 IoT TECH Expo
Duration: 11/28-29, 2018
Booth Number:#355
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley, US