Apacer Showcases IoT Applications During COMPUTEX

May 21, 2018

Apacer Showcases IoT Applications During COMPUTEX

Focus on Emerging Applications, Industrial Markets, and e-Sports to Develop a Blue Ocean Based on Smart IoT

Apacer Technology Inc. (TWSE: 8271), a global leading brand of digital storage solutions, unveiled its smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) roadmap and exhibition plans for the upcoming COMPUTEX Taipei 2018. Apacer’s highly reliable, high-performance digital storage products, supported by its customized software, firmware, and hardware integration services, cater to the vertically integrated industrial markets. In terms of emerging applications, Apacer offers Industrial IoT (IIoT), Internet-of-Vehicle (IoV), and optical solutions. In addition, Apacer’s full range of e-sports and high-end storage solutions address the needs of all consumers. Apacer’s COMPUTEX VIP Event will be held from June 6 to June 8 at the Grande Luxe Banquet in Nangang, Taipei. With the theme of “AI x IIoT Technology Convergence” Apacer demonstrates its latest innovative technologies, products, and integrated services of hardware and software for the IIoT, transportation, healthcare, defense, gaming, and entertainment segments. 

Recognizing the great business opportunities in AI and IoT, Chang Chia-Kun, President of Apacer, said, “Apacer started investing in AI and IoT two years ago to develop the integrated software, firmware, and hardware system services for its IoT roadmap in emerging applications, vertical industrial markets, and consumer products. Apacer will collaborate with strategic partners to develop the potential markets and strengthen the cross-regional operations to create a new economy enabled by smart IoT.”

Upgraded Software/Firmware Aimed at Vertical Industrial Integration

Apacer continues to upgrade the performance, reliability, endurance, and value-added applications to meet the diverse demand of smart applications in the vertically integrated industrial market. Apacer’s industrial-grade PCIe SSDs, 3D NAND SSD solutions, and a full range of DDR4-2666 memory modules are dedicated to high-speed computing, real-time data analysis and processing applications. Its exclusive CoreVolt technology is developed for industrial computers, transportation, and defense applications that require high reliability by ensuring that the operating voltage of the SSD is not affected by power fluctuations during specific conditions that may interrupt data transmission. The innovative connector design of the industrial-grade XR-DIMM memory is also reinforced to withstand external shock and vibration, thereby improving the stability of transmission signals. In addition, Apacer’s flexible hardware, software, and firmware integrated service continues to expand the market for industrial applications. Apacer’s CoreLife technology extends the service life of SSDs up to 8x through its firmware optimized for gaming and healthcare applications that often require small random writes to storage. CoreAnalyzer 2 platform provides detailed real-time analysis to more accurately compile the read/write access and user operations. SSDWidget 2.0 is a smart software for real-time monitoring of SSD service life and workloads, while also offering SSD self-check and performance optimization features aimed at the high demands in smart IIoT applications.

Creating Emerging Win-Win Solutions

Apacer has launched a series of emerging solutions to address the IoT needs of customers across industries that span the scope of IIoT, IoV, and optical solutions, in addition to the Apacer SRP (Solution Ready Platform) offering significant savings in system setup time and labor costs for customers. IIoT applications including agriculture, animal husbandry, energy, and environmental monitoring can take advantage of the LPWA wireless transmission module and system integration kit to provide real-time monitoring through the cloud services. Apacer's CAN Bus, GNSS Card, and other wide-temperature vehicular modules offer the optimal solution for industrial-grade IoV applications. In terms of optical inspection applications, Apacer also provides its highly customizable system integration services for a diverse range of industrial categories such as vegetation plants, packaging, and vehicle inspection etc. to further expand upon the patented hand-held spectrophotometers and illuminometers with highly adaptable smart optical IoT solutions. Apacer is a professional integration service provider of industrial IoT solutions where traditional industries can use to create a win-win advantage over its competition.

e-Sports and Portable Storage Solutions for Everyone

Apacer continues to develop innovative products and services with the corporate commitment of “Access the best” Apacer is also highly experienced in the e-sports market with further insight into consumer demand to launch the Panthers RGB Gaming Memory Module series and temperature-sensitive color-changing M.2 PCIe SSD to create the multi-layered immersive gaming experience. Apacer continues to push the boundaries for high quality portable storage solutions by releasing its military-grade portable hard disk with top-end shock-resistant specifications. Apacer is also bringing out the world’s first fingerprint flash drive to enhance data protection featuring the capacitive biometric sensor with 360° fingerprint readability. Apacer products truly live up to the consumer’s multimedia demands every day with the highest level of security features. 
Apacer’s latest technologies and broad range of IoT solutions will be showcased in the Splendor Ballroom at the Grande Luxe Banquet in Nangang, Taipei between June 6th (Wed.) and June 8th (Fri.).


Apacer COMPUTEX VIP Showroom @Grande Luxe Banquet– Visit Us!
Time: 09:30-17:30 every day from June 6th (Wed.) - June 8th (Fri.)
Location: 3F Splendor Ballroom , Grande Luxe Banquet Nangang Branch. (3F., No.166, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115, Taiwan.)