Apacer Reveals 3D NAND SV170-µSSD for Industries

Sep 03, 2018

Apacer launches the latest industrial 3D NAND micro SSD, SV170-µSSD, in respond to the explosive worldwide growth in data traffic for industries. Apacer’s SV170-µSSD is a breakthrough which integrates both controller and flash memory on one single chip to minimize the size for a better compliance in network equipment, industrial automation monitoring, national defense and smart vehicle devices.

Immense Increase in Capacity

Considering the fast evolving innovation and applications of big data computing, Apacer applied 3D NAND technology, which had broken the limitation of physical sizes of 2D NAND solutions by vertically stacking the storage units, increases the capacity, speed and endurance at the same time. Making Apacer’s SV170 -µSSD a smaller in size but greater in capacity solution with various capacity options from 30GB to 120GB.

Tiny, Shockproof, Up to 560 MB/s

By integrating the 3D NAND Flash memory and controller chips in the same package via SiP (System in Package) process, Apacer’s SV170-µSSD measures only 16 x 20 x 1.4 mm conforming to JEDEC MO-276 which can achieve a maximum read speed of 560 MB/S and maximum write speed of 460MB/s with its SATA III 6Gb/s interface. Complying with US military standard MIL-STD810G, Apacer SV170 -µSSD’s characteristics of shockproof, tiny and superior IOPS performance can definitely make it a highly stable, heat-resistant, shock-resistant and energy-efficient solution under the harshest industrial conditions.

Highly Optimized SSD

Built-in with Page Mapping and programmable LDPC (low-density particle check) firmware technology, Apacer’s SV170-µSSD increases random access speed and improves SSD lifespan. Considering the intensive writing usage scenarios which are often in industrial PC and embedded system applications, Apacer’s SV170-µSSD features Over-Provisioning as default to optimize performance, alleviate memory wear and prolong SSD lifespan. Moreover, SSDWidget and S.M.A.R.T function provide auto monitoring the health of µSSD which makes it the best, tiny, shockproof, performance embedded SSD solutions for all industries.

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