Apacer Receives IATF 16949 2016 Letter of Conformance, Joins International Manufacturers as Part of the Automotive Supply Chain

Jul 10, 2020

Apacer, the global leader in digital storage, recently obtained an IATF 16949: 2016 (Automotive Quality Management System) Letter of Conformance and has begun production of compliant devices. In this era where technology such as 5G drives the development of the Internet of Vehicles and autonomous cars, it made sense for Apacer to become one of the first SSD and DRAM makers to join the automotive supply chain. The company intends to utilize the experience and strength it has accumulated in the industrial field to provide diverse digital storage solutions that demonstrate its competitive advantages. 

According to Apacer president C. K. Chang, if applying for certification is analogous to a challenge with ISO representing the entry level, then IATF 16949: 2016 is clearly one of the most difficult achievements for compliance in the industry. Because they are of such vital importance in life, the automobile industry holds their products to more stringent standards of quality and reliability. This is therefore a highly customer-oriented certification. Apacer has extensive experience in the field of industrial storage manufacturing and has many customers in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry. In creating high-quality, reliable storage products for industries such as defense, healthcare, and transportation, Apacer has made great strides. In order to achieve the highest vehicle regulation certification, Apacer conducted a comprehensive inventory and made significant adjustments to all aspects of production. The result is storage devices and memory modules that meet the demanding standards of the global automotive industry.

C. K. Chang further explained that Apacer has been cultivating the diversified vertical application market for some time. With the launch of 5G deployment, related fields such as the Internet of Vehicles, self-driving cars, and smart road transportation have become hot topics. In response to this trend, Apacer spurred internal development aimed at the automotive electronics market. Apacer obtained an IATF 16949:2016 Letter of Conformance issued by a trusted third party, demonstrating the company's ability to deliver the quality and reliability required by automotive products. Apacer is actively developing the automotive supply chain market while putting products through the testing process. Rich customization experience and strong supply capability, combined with the brand's core value of ‘Becoming Better Partners,’ allows Apacer to provide customers with multifaceted, competitive digital storage solutions.