Apacer Launches World’s First Anti-Sulfuration Memory Modules

Jun 03, 2016

Industrial solution veteran and leading memory brand Apacer Technology Inc. (Apacer) always takes the customers’ perspective, being first to provide long-term planning for customers’ products, striving for new breakthroughs and providing added value for customers. In the face of environmental pollution resulting from climate change and rising surface temperature due to greenhouse effect, electronic components exposed to high temperature, humidity and pollution are often prone to sulfuration, weakening and damaging products. With the issue of sulfuration in industrial automation in mind, Apacer has developed the world’s first range of anti-sulfuration memory modules for the sulfur-containing environment.


Industry-leading anti-sulfuration technology that adds value

Environmental deterioration caused by rising global temperature and rapid climate change has been gradually damaging and upsetting the balance of nature. When the high concentration of airborne sulfur-containing particles enters gaps in the resistor, it reacts with silver used in the electrode and causes the entire resistor to become non-conductive. Perceiving customers’ potential requirement, Apacer has developed a complete range of anti-sulfuration DDR3 SODIMM memory modules designed specifically for use in industrial equipments, networking equipments, high-end computers and multimedia electronic products in a sulfur-rich environment, providing incomparable value-added services for industrial customers for whom stability and reliability are at the core of their products and service.


Dual protection of sulfur resistance (ASTM B809-95 test) and conformal coating

Apacer DDR3 SODIMM memory modules use anti-sulfuration passive components, which have passed the ASTM B809-95 anti-sulfuration test, allowing them to operate steadily even in a harsh sulfur-containing environment to meet high industrial standards. Moreover, conformal coating on the printed circuit board not only protects against humidity, dust and contaminants, increasing the components’ durability and corrosion resistance, but also provides a second layer of protection for products in extremely harsh environments, where there is high pollution, high humidity or extreme temperature.


30µ golden finger for greater durability and stability

The golden finger specifically designed for the anti-sulfuration memory modules is 30µ thick, which is 10 times thicker than the usual industry standard of 3µ. Not only does the extra thickness offer wear resistance and durability for repetitive plugging/unplugging, it also improves anti-sulfuration, allowing for more stable signal transmission.


Apacer’s industry-leading DDR3 SODIMM memory modules provide invincible technology and multiple protections for industrial control systems, automobile electronics, medical equipments, high-end electronic products and outdoor electronic products operating in highly contaminated environments, making them the best choice for resisting sulfuration in industrial application products.

Anti-sulfuration DDR3 SODIMM memory module specs

 Module Type



1600MHz / 1333MHz /1066MHz





 Pin Count


 PCB Height