Apacer Launches EFC-G/EFC-R series Module Integrating CAN Bus and GPS

Mar 14, 2017

 Innovative Dual-PCB Miniature Module Integrating CAN Bus and GPS

Building a Complete IoV Platform for Rapid System Adoption


According to the latest forecast by international research and advisory firm Gartner, connected car production is expected to grow rapidly within the next five years in both mature and emerging automobile markets. As changing markets continue to push technological and service innovations in connected cars, and many countries have imposed stricter laws on vehicle monitoring products in recent years, Apacer Technology, recognizing the dynamic growth potential of advanced automotive application systems, has developed the dual-PCB EFC-G/EFC-R module series which integrates CAN bus communication module and GPS functions. When used with on-demand telematics cloud SDK, it provides the control center with comprehensive smart automotive solutions, such as real-time fleet management, vehicle safety monitoring and driverless car monitoring.


Managing both driver and vehicle concurrently, enhanced real-time telematics/applications comprehensively

Integrating CAN bus and GPS applications, Apacer’s innovative  embedded  PCIe module EFC-G/EFC-R series can be adopted by vehicle computer systems faster, shortening time to market, due to its small size and low power consumption. CAN bus interface and GPS positioning assist the remote control center in monitoring vehicle status, including engine, car door, fuel consumption, mileage and driving safety, at all times. They also help to enable effective and real-time management of driver behavior. For instance, the implementation of ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) creates a safer work and riding environment for drivers and passengers, and enables faster, simpler and more accurate tracking, management and sharing of duty status information and driving record, reducing risk and business cost arising from human error and vehicle condition. Apacer’s embedded module EFC-G/EFC-R series supports multiple serial protocols on the market, including OBD-II and J1939/J1708, and is equipped with independent two-channel CAN and one-channel J1708 interface. Its dual-PCB module design also provides flexibility for use in a space-constraint vehicle computer system.


Further improved GPS, virtually high precision positioning

With built-in u-blox Neo-M8 GPS in the top layer, Apacer’s embedded miniature automotive module EFC-G/ EFC-R series supports many different regional satellite systems, including the USA’s GPS, Russia’s GLONASS and China’s Beidou. Equipped with highly responsive 3D gyroscope, it can detect triaxial angular shifts and achieve 360° speed detection for precision positioning. Its built-in 3D accelerometer measures linear acceleration so as to determine the direction and speed of collision in an accident, and its improved anti-theft capability prevents vehicle theft. Furthermore, in places where GPS signals cannot be acquired, such as tunnels, underpasses and roads surrounded by tall buildings, Apacer’s embedded module EFC-G/EFC-R series provides an optional Dead Reckoning solution to ensure continuous uploading of one’s position in places where satellite signals are weak. Optional GPS functions also include Hot Start, which allows valid satellite information to be transmitted faster when the system is started.


To complement the highly integrated embedded module, Apacer has developed an exclusive Software Development Kits (SDK) which enables flexible expansion of required Vehicle diagnostic and GPS information on the control panel, increasing the visibility of key information amidst the massive data. The selected information can also be synchronized to cloud for backup, ensuring the preservation of important files. Apacer’s highly integrated embedded module EFC-G/EFC-R series satisfies requirements for vehicle’s information gathering, tracking and management in all types of automotives or fleets, making it the ideal comprehensive embedded  solution.


FigureUsing EFC-G/EFC-R Module for Your Fleet Management System


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