Apacer Introduces DDR4 High-Performance Wide-Temp. Memory

Apr 02, 2019

Apacer Introduces DDR4 High-Performance Wide-Temp. Memory

Made with Samsung’s Industrial-grade Wide-temperature ICs For Superior Reliability


As 5G rolls out across the world, applications such as edge computing, Internet of Vehicles and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are evolving rapidly. Now Apacer, the global leader for industrial-grade memory, after releasing the industry’s most complete wide-temperature 3D NAND PCIe product line, has introduced an industrial wide-temperature DDR4 2666 memory module, made exclusively with ICs supplied by Samsung to create product differentiation. Apacer is expanding its business into industrial applications driven by Intelligent Connectivity, and this product will allow manufacturers to pull ahead of their competition in the 5G market.

5G Applications Benefit from Wide-temperature Protection

More and more networked products are subject to extreme temperatures. From an outdoor computing device with low heat dissipation to automobile electronics or a smart automated device near the heat source of a production plant, the challenges produced by extreme temperatures are myriad. It’s no surprise that industrial manufacturers demand components that can withstand temperature swings from -40o to 85o Celsius. Unlike the commercial ICs some memory manufacturers use to produce industrial wide-temperature memory by using the sorting method, Apacer insists on using industrial-grade chips from original manufacturers in its DDR4-2666 high-performance wide-temperature memory. This can effectively avoid the high malfunction rates of commercial IC products operating in extreme temperature environments.

The research institute Research and Markets estimates that the global 5G market will grow at a CAGR of around 97% over a five-year period and will reach a value of US$251 billion by 2025. Cindy Huang, director of the Apacer Vertical Market Application Division, pointed out that some lower-grade memory solutions are often unable to withstand high and low temperature shocks, therefore proving unacceptable for intelligent connectivity applications. Apacer’s output of industrial-grade wide-temperature memory has grown steadily in recent years, often around 65 to 70% annually. The industrial wide-temperature solutions have become a driving force behind the growth of solutions for extreme environments, laying a solid foundation for high-performance, high-reliability applications in the 5G era.

Dedicated to Innovation in Memory and Storage, One Digit Indicates the Grade of ICs and the Operating Temperature Range

Commercial wide-temperature memory is often unstable due to high temperatures, resulting in bit errors or even crashes. In other cases, the temperature is too low for the memory to initialize properly. When used in extreme high and low temperature environments, the use of commercial-grade memory will greatly reduce the service life of the IC. After 1 to 2 years, the product defect rate will increase, resulting in unreliability in industrial computer equipment.

With this in mind, Apacer encourages customers and purchasing organizations to identify wide-temperature industrial-grade memory products using the identification code, to avoid the risk of misusing commercial ICs in industrial applications. Taking Apacer’s DDR4-2666 wide-temperature memory as an example, if the third-last digit is the letter “I”, then the product is designed for industrial use. 

Apacer is dedicated to using industrial-grade ICs to produce wide-temperature SSD and memory. The development of 5G will accelerate AI from the cloud to the edge, the high-speed wide-temperature storage and memory solutions will remain an important pillar of this market. Apacer's DDR4-2666 high-performance wide-temperature memory product line includes UDIMM, SODIMM, RDIMM, ECC UDIMM and ECC SODIMM specifications. All of these can support the highest level of anti-sulfuration technology to prevent accelerated resistor sulfuration due to high temperature, and they come in 4GB to 16GB capacity options.

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