Apacer Innovative and High-Speed Storage Solution- AvataRAM Series

Jun 06, 2016

Taipei, May 26, 2016--Apacer (TWSE: 8271), the world-leading memory brand collaborates with storage system integrated IC supplier, ALLONE Solution Co.,Ltd. to present a new innovative storage series "AvatarRAM" at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016. The AvataRAM series are flagship products with advantages in low latency and high endurance. AvataRAM series are a hardware-based RAMDisk, whose IOPS performance reaches up to 250,000 (the IOPS performance of traditional hard drives and high-end SSDs reaches around 1,000 and 100,000 respectively), supports 6Gb/s SATA3.0 interface with standard 3.5-inch form factor, and provides up to 64GB memory capacity.


According to IC Insights, the global server market will sell over 11 million units and bring value of output of 58 billion USD in 2016. Based on the open cloud architecture OpenStack, the storage system has risen with data center fully embraced into a universal platform, X86. Furthermore, the software-based storage system dynamically schedules the workload and methodology within the data center which enables the storage system to meet various storage demands from a cloud storage environment.


C.K. Chang, President of Apacer and Grace Liu, the founder of ALLONE, state together, “The key to the new wave of enterprise building a Big Data storage environment includes not only easy deployment and management, but also performance and stability, especially for application systems with high IOPS requirements.” And “to meet the trend of open architecture, Apacer presents the first storage accelerator, AvataRAM LITE, with ALLONE memory control IC and plans to introduce a next-generation storage solution, AvataRAM EXTREME, the dual ports M.2 SSD developed by ALLONE exclusive SCMI3.2 technology (Smart Cache Management Interface) in Q4, 2016, with twofold advantage of low latency performance from DRAM and large capacity from SSD, which generates 1 to 2TB capacity in total. Furthermore, data can be automatically tiered by ALLONE control IC based on different usage requests to optimize system resources, fulfilling demanding requirements of write speed for enterprise-grade applications.”


AvataRAM series include 4 sets of DDR3 ECC SO-DIMM, which will not consume the computing processor power and server memory capacity. Specifically developed for the data-intensive market and enterprises handling big data, AvataRAM offers cache performance with high-speed stability, especially for the reading and writing applications of random, intensive and large volumes of small data. These characteristics are particularly noticeable in integrated storage system (Metadata store) and log files.


In recent years, in order to solve the limitation of storage capacity and fast growing data traffic, various innovative storage technologies have been launched and OpenStack, open-source software encourages server vendors to step in the storage market with SDS integrated solutions, such as Dell and Supermicro presenting solutions to support one of the popular storage structures, Ceph and continuing to target the storage market with new solutions. With profound experience in the storage market, Apacer not only evolves from digital storage supplier to digital storage application integrator, but also introduces high-end storage technology this year and moves towards an innovative leading brand.