Apacer Fits DDR4-3200 Memory Module into VLP DIMM Form Factors, Ideal for 5G Smart Poles and Edge AI

May 20, 2021

Edge computing devices are trending towards miniaturization, but need to overcome the limitations associated with smaller form factors. With this in mind, the leading industrial memory supplier Apacer has expanded its DDR4-3200 VLP DIMM series. These low-profile memory modules combine compact size with impressive performance. They’re sure to find a home in the still-evolving 5G smart pole industry chain, especially in the small, component-intensive micro-embedded computers that drive netcom, telecommunications and server applications.  

5G’s development is finally solving the “last mile problem” that AIoT applications have been struggling with. Edge computing nodes are increasing while computing capabilities of terminal devices are improving. Embedded computers are finally becoming competitive when measured on high performance, low power consumption and small size. Apacer’s DDR4-3200 industrial VLP DIMM series features memory modules with a tallest height of only 18.8mm, making them ideal components in miniaturized architectures. 

The complete product series includes VLP RDIMM, VLP ECC UDIMM and VLP UDIMM modules suited for 1U rack servers, blade servers and netcom and telecommunications equipment. The VLP SODIMM and VLP ECC SODIMM modules will also find homes in embedded single board computers such as 1.8” SBC, Pico-ITX, 3.5” SBC, PC/104, EPIC and NUC, as well as embedded computer modules such as BOX PC, Qseven, COM Express and COM. Embedded applications such as smart factories, medical devices, defense systems, POS/kiosks and surveillance systems will all benefit from these space-conscious options. In response to the specialized requirements of netcom equipment such as routers, switches, gateways and micro servers, Apacer has also created a micro memory module series, which includes VLP Mini EEC UDIMM, VLP Mini RDIMM and VLP SORDIMM form factors. 

Apacer’s DDR4-3200 VLP DIMM series features capacities up to 32GB. It offers support for Intel's 11th generation Core processor Rocket Lake-S, Tiger Lake and the 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable server processor Ice Lake-SP. For AMD, it supports the latest 3rd generation EPYC server processor Milan. This series perfectly embodies Apacer’s spirit of “Adding Value, Enhancing Collaboration.”