Apacer Cooperates with Allxon to Provide Remote Monitoring of Industrial SSD Operation

Feb 06, 2020

Memory module maker Apacer Technology has cooperated with Allxon, a startup spun off from Acer, to provide a cloud computing-based platform for remotely monitoring operating conditions of industrial SSDs to minimize unexpected maintenance cost, according to company chairman Austin Chen.

Along with fast-growing demand for IoT, AI, 5G and edge computing, data volumes are growing fast, making it important for maintain healthy operation of industrial data storage devices, Chen said.

Apacer has developed Double-Barreled, a smart storage solution for collecting and visualizing operating data on industrial SSDs and transferring such data and predicted service lives to cloud computing for remote monitor of their operating conditions and sending early warning to reduce sudden failure.

In addition to remote monitoring, Double-Barreled can help clients choose optimal memory products based on their using behavior. To enhance functions of Double-Barreled, Apacer has adopted Allxon-developed open cloud computing-based Internet device management platform for comprehensive remote-monitoring of SSDs used in IoT based on Window, Android or Linux OS as well as real-time debugging and OTA (over-the-air) updating.