Apacer Brings High-speed Storage Solutions to Embedded World 2019

Feb 19, 2019

Apacer Brings High-speed Storage Solutions to Embedded World 2019

New Momentum for AIoT/IoT Core Applications


Apacer will showcase a full range of storage solutions developed for the AIoT/IoT market at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany on February 26-28, 2019. IoT devices often have to run without interruption for extended periods, while still prioritizing data integrity. Apacer’s latest products can easily handle long-term uninterrupted read/write operations, while delivering truly impressive cost-benefit results. Disk tolerance and operational efficiency have both been improved to better meet the needs of enterprise users. 

Going Beyond What Anyone Thought USB Could Do

Apacer’s ultra-high-speed Turbocharged USB technology sets a new standard for data transmission. It offers IOPS read-write speeds that outpace almost anything on the market. Compatible with SATA platforms, it can handle fast boot, random read-write access and small log file writing with ease. This makes it an ideal host for operating systems or middleware. Buyers in the AI and IoT fields are finding many uses for this blazingly fast storage option. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds with the Double-barreled Solution

As AIoT and IoT evolve rapidly, the diversity of SSD storage behavior has become dizzyingly complex. In order to gather and analyze real-world storage behavior, Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution has been developed, with the goal of optimizing SSD purchasing for each customer. First, the CoreAnalyzer2 software suite examines usage factors such as workload, erasure, continuous data volume and random access. It then suggests preferable SSDs for the workload in question, and can also suggest firmware customization where appropriate. Second, SSDWidget2.0 steps in to allow customers to remotely monitor the health of their SSDs in realtime. This can reduce the likelihood of data loss by anticipating when an SSD will reach the end of its operational lifetime. Together, CoreAnalyzer2 and SSDWidget2.0 make up the Double-barreled Solution, which is already extending SSD operational lifetimes for buyers around the world. 

Industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND Storage Solutions Expanding IoT’s Horizons

Apacer has also developed a new 3D TLC NAND SSD storage solution with carefully selected chips, BiCS3 wafers, 64-layer vertical stacking technology and Over-Provisioning technology. It’s an ideal choice for IoT applications including automation, transportation, logistics, medical, intelligent manufacturing and smart cities. 

Apacer has been growing the industrial control market for many years. Since 1998, it has delivered more than 138 million memory module products. Cindy Huang, Director of Apacer’s Vertical Market Application Division, said, “the AIoT/IoT generation has matured alongside 3D NAND technology, and market advantages have lit a fire under to the growth of Apacer's industrial sales. We will continue to develop innovative technologies and products to create a mutually beneficial situation with our customers." 


Apacer 2019 Embedded World Booth Information
Duration: 2019, 2/26-2/28
Booth Number:Hall 1 / Stand 1-505
Venue: Nuremberg Exhibition Center, German