Apacer Arrives at WEST 2019

Feb 13, 2019

Apacer Arrives at WEST 2019

Showcasing the Latest Secure, Rugged Storage and Memory Solutions


From February 13 to 15, Apacer will be unveiling its newest military-grade memory solutions at WEST 2019, the North American Naval Defense Exhibition in San Diego, USA. Storage and memory devices that can survive wide temperature ranges, powerful impacts and jarring vibrations will all be on display. Apacer products are also renowned for their cutting-edge software and hardware, as well as their powerful encryption technologies to keep sensitive information secure. 

Instant Keychange Ensures Security In A Moment

Many industrial-grade hard disks and SSDs rely on Block Erase technology. This is a time-consuming way to destroy the contents of a hard drive, and the larger the drive is, the longer the process will take. There’s also the option of physical destruction, for which various technologies exist. This can also be a time-consuming process, and isn’t always completely effective. Apacer now offers a superior solution in the form of Instant Keychange. This technology is based on AES 256-bit encryption, which generates an encryption key for an SSD and then encrypts all data written to the drive using the key. When a drive is in danger of falling into enemy hands, an authorized user can use the Instant Keychange function to destroy the existing key and generate a new, incompatible key in less than one second. Now, even if the drive is accessed by unauthorized users, the data is completely encrypted and cannot be decrypted, since the original key was destroyed. This combination of quick key generation and comprehensive encryption means that secure data stays secure.  

Rugged XR-DIMM and SODIMM Memory Modules for Defense Applications

There’s probably no more challenging environment on earth than a battlefield. That’s why military buyers look for equipment that can resist wide swings in temperature, excessive humidity, violent shocks and vibration, and similar challenges. Apacer’s latest line of military-grade memory modules have been designed to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-202G standards. The XR-DIMM memory module, in particular, offers highly competitive durability thanks to its innovative board-to-board connectors. With a 300-pin connector and mounting holes, it stays where it’s supposed to be, and reliably receives data transmissions for further storage. On Apacer memory products, technologies such as conformal coating, underfill and anti-sulfuration protection can also be added to enhance reliability. No matter how damp, dusty, or polluted a battlefield gets, Apacer memory products are designed to survive. 


Apacer WEST 2019 Booth Information
Duration: 2019, 2/13-2/15
Booth Number:#1848
Venue: San Diego Convention Center, California, USA