Apacer Announces World's Smallest Industrial-Grade Memory VLP DDR4 SODIMM

Aug 30, 2018

Apacer Announces World's Smallest Industrial-Grade Memory VLP DDR4 SODIMM

Saving 40% of Motherboard Space, 

Gaining Presence in Low-Profile, Small-Size Memory Market


Spotting the trend of ever thinner and lighter industrial PC, Apacer, the global leader in industrial memory, announces the world's first VLP DDR4 SODIMM and VLP DDR4 ECC SODIMM, the tiniest industrial-grade memories that can fit into the tight slots on embedded industrial motherboards. These memories effectively avoid interference, improve system heat dissipation, enhance system stability and reduce costs. They have been widely deployed in many representative industrial applications such as industrial IoT, smart factories, and networking applications.

Industry 4.0 Trend Taking Shape, Industry Pioneering First Low-Profile Spec

Global manufacturing industry has been swept by the trend of intelligent devices. With the Industry 4.0 and the edge-computing trend flipping the global manufacturing market, the industrial PC design is slowly shifting towards compact, easy to mount or integrate, and low energy consumption and high efficiency. Recently TrendForce's memory and storage division, DRAMeXchange, also predicted that the micro server will be expected to grow significantly in the next three to five years, driving the demand for related components and memory. Apacer understands the trend of the industrial market. The VLP SODIMM series is designed for small-sized embedded industrial motherboards such as Mini-ITX, SBC, PC/104, EPIC and Qseven. In addition to SODIMM's thin and short features, it has an absolute advantage in height, saving about 40% of the board space when installed either vertically or horizontally.

Cindy Huang, Director of Apacer Vertical Market Application Business Division, points out that in a small-sized industrial PC application with a certain height and space constraints, the use of standard height memory may cause interference with the processor and other mechanisms. As demand for AI-equipped terminal units soars, the existing hardware design of the terminal unit will inevitably be affected in the future. Apacer's VLP SODIMM series minimizes memory volume and reserves motherboard space for integrated AI applications. This effectively saves customers the hassle and time of changing the motherboard design and fulfills the needs for vertical market applications, from the industrial IoT, smart factories, networking applications, digital signage, to intelligent surveillance.

The World's Smallest. Impeccable Small-Sized Memory Product Line

Apacer VLP SODIMM industrial memory supports ECC function and improves data reliability by detecting and correcting data errors. As for the biggest problem of system overheat for IPCs, the industrial-grade wide-temperature IC from original manufacturers is installed to ensure that the memory can still operate normally within a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 85 °C. Apacer currently has the most complete low-profile, small-size VLP industrial memory products, including VLP SODIMM, VLP ECC SODIMM, VLP UDIMM, VLP ECC UDIMM, VLP RDIMM, VLP Mini RDIMM, VLP Mini ECC DIMM and VLP SORDIMM, providing the most comprehensive industrial-grade memory solutions to enhance Apacer's bearing in the vertical application market.

Apacer's VLP DDR4 SODIMM and VLP DDR4 ECC SODIMM industrial-grade memory is less than 7 cm long and 1.8 cm high, making it the world's smallest industrial-grade memory. It is available in DDR4 2133/2400/2666 specifications for high performance, low power consumption and low latency, and comes in 4GB and 8GB capacities.

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