Apacer Advanced Technology in the Gaming Industry For Complete Data Protection

Nov 04, 2020

Modern hacking is not limited to Internet-connected devices. After years of successful hardware attacks on ATMs, hackers and organized crime groups are now targeting casino gaming machines with greater frequency. Digital security has become vital in the casino gaming industry - a need that prompted Apacer to develop and release a security-focused series of industrial memory cards and USB sticks with Write Protect technology and Signed Firmware.

Write Protect is based around a hardware switch which, when activated, prevents data from being written to SSDs. This inhibits hackers' ability to load corrupted game code, protecting casino operators from “negative holds” and other business losses. The innovative Signed Firmware includes a digital signature for secure firmware updates. If an unauthorized individual attempts to load a compromised version of firmware onto an Apacer SSD, the drive will recognize that the digital signature does not match and ignore the update. Together, these two technologies ensure the security of casino gaming devices and are quickly becoming a must-have for manufacturers of gaming devices.

Apacer is proud to announce that products containing these features will be available. Apacer’s PV910-CFX is the smallest and fastest memory card in the world and features a Write Protect switch that complies with the CFA specification. It’s also fully compliant with the PCIe Gen3 x2 and NVME 1.3 specifications, boasts transmission speeds of up to 1,770 MB/sec, and is available in capacities up to 480GB. It is also ultra-reliable, thanks to 3D NAND Flash memory.

For manufacturers who prefer USB memory sticks to memory cards, the Apacer’s UH110-UFD4 provides an alternative. It likewise incorporates a Write Protect switch and is based on 3D NAND SLC-liteX technology, which significantly increases the device’s endurance. Due to its compliance with the USB 3.1 Gen1 (SuperSpeed) specification, it can deliver transmission speeds of up to 265 MB/sec. The drive comes in capacities up to 8GB.

Security is too important to ignore. Manufacturers of casino gaming devices who want the latest security technology know to trust Apacer’s SSDs.