Apacer’s Innovations in the Industrial-grade Memory World

Jul 30, 2019

Bringing Value-adding Technologies to the Smart Transportation Industry


In the generation of 5G, ICT, AIoT and big data, the applications of smart transportation and embedded systems have increased dramatically. According to Gartner's estimates, from 2015 to 2020, in the main application categories of the Internet of Things, the growth of smart transportation applications was the most significant, with a compound annual growth rate of 67.2%. This shows that developing smart transportation is an important benchmark for developing smart cities.

Smart transportation has greatly expanded in its use of communications technology, meaning it relies heavily on industrial-grade data storage and memory devices. Smart transportation systems are exposed to the outdoors and must be able to handle a variety of environmental climates, and the demand for massive data collection, monitoring and analysis continues to increase, along with the need for strong data protection mechanisms. Large-capacity storage space and fast transfer speeds are essential, but the key is to make systems more stable and more reliable while also being able to operate for a long time.

One of Apacer’s customers recently developed a "Smart Street Light Solution". Street lights are regarded as a key infrastructure for developing intelligent transportation systems. They can be equipped with various sensors to collect data on lighting conditions, temperature fluctuations, traffic density and environmental factors. Properly used, they can also optimize electrical consumption and reduce congestion. In view of this, Apacer created industrial-grade 3D NAND SSDs and rugged memory modules to drive diverse smart transportation applications.

Improving Durability Even In Harsh Environments

Transportation systems have to suffer all the challenges of outdoor operation, from temperature variations to vibration and moisture issues. To help SSDs and DRAM survive these challenges, Apacer sources only brand-name ICs directly from top manufacturers like Toshiba. Apacer offers products that operate smoothly when temperatures drop as low as -40 degrees C or as high as 85 degrees C. Conformal and nano coatings can also be applied to protect devices from moisture and dust intrusion. Apacer’s experienced engineers also helped create one of the first patented anti-sulfuration protection technologies, which greatly improves product durability in highly sulfurous environments.

Extending SSD Lifespans and Lowering Maintenance Costs

Apacer’s Double-barreled Solution extends SSD lifespans, and is comprised of CoreAnalyzer2 and SSDWidget2.0. CoreAnalyzer2 helps determine which SSD and firmware are most suitable for a customer’s application, and SSDWidget2.0 allows for customers to remotely monitor SSD status in real-time on smartphones or other connected devices, via their private server. It can also be customized via the software development kit, making it easy to integrate into existing systems.

All these technologies have been developed by Apacer to help improve and integrate the smart transportation field. Product reliability and stability comes first, and Apacer SSDs and DRAM are built with the value-adding features that allow them to survive in some of the toughest conditions. Buyers who need flexibility and scalability, and who are looking to reduce labor and maintenance costs, should choose Apacer.