Apacer’s DBS Cloud Edition Unlocks Industry 4.0 Remote Device Management Means Maximum Efficiency

Jan 21, 2020

With the maturation of Industry 4.0, the demand for computing and storage equipment continues to increase, and the management, storage, and transmission speed of data centers have become a key focus. Apacer’s latest innovation, Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition, assists the development of industrial intelligence and enables the digital transformation of many industries. It provides an excellent solution for remote device management (RDM), so that the status of equipment and resources in an automated factory can be monitored and controlled in real-time (Figure 1), and turns reams of collected data into easy-to-understand dashboard readouts.

(Figure 1) IPC industry application and service architecture diagram


The innovation began as Apacer's Double-barreled Solution (DBS) (Figure 2), which was named after its two separate components. The first was CoreAnalyzer2, a tool for real-time recording and accurate analysis of platform usage behavior to help customers understand which SSD and firmware was most suitable for their application. The second was SSDWidget 2.0, a smart monitoring solution that can monitor the health status of multiple SSDs in real time and effectively predict the end of a product’s lifespan. The combined result of these two components working together meant that SSDs had longer lifetimes and no downtime.

(Figure 2) Schematic diagram of system architecture equipped with Double-barreled Solution


Soon after the international rollout of the Double-barreled Solution, Apacer partnered with the global industrial computer leader Advantech, developer of the WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn IoT device management platform. Apacer’s software engineers modified the Double-barreled Solution so that it could function as a plugin for WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn, created the Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition(Figure 3). This allows for total integration of Apacer SSDs into Advantech’s existing ecosystem of networked devices, and allows for remote monitoring and management at a glance, thanks to an easy-to-read dashboard. Alert messages can be sent through popular communication apps like WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat in addition to standard text messages and email. This allows for round-the-clock device monitoring anywhere in the world, and can significantly reduce labor and maintenance costs. Users benefit from a more flexible cloud platform, and product integration and diversity are sure to benefit too.

Double-barreled Solution: Cloud Edition will become more popular as AIoT and 5G are rolled out worldwide, as manufacturers in all countries will discover the advantages of factory automation and remote device management. Apacer is building on its strong foundation in the field of industrial-grade storage, and together with Advantech, will help customers integrate system process control in the simplest ways possible. From data collection through integration to analysis, smart factories will enjoy the advantages of predictive maintenance procedures. Intelligent manufacturing’s competitiveness will be strengthened, creating a win-win situation for Apacer and Advantech’s customers.

(Figure 3) DBS Cloud Edition Dashboard