Apacer’s 3 Pillars of Innovation Announced at Computex 2019

Jun 26, 2019


Apacer, the global leader in industrial storage and DRAM, announced a 3-part blueprint for the future during Computex Taipei 2019. Apacer’s focus will shift to Intelligent Connectivity, High-End Experts and The Shape of the Future. Cindy Huang, Director of Apacer’s Vertical Market Application Division, gave an address during Computex. She said, “with more than 20 years of experience in the memory market and nearly 20 years of experience in the industrial field, Apacer has assembled a world-leading professional technical team, from front-end products and technology introduction to back-end. The system adjustment proposal, divided among the seven target vertical market applications, can provide customers with highly customized industrial-grade storage and memory solutions, while delivering on user needs, application specificity, and future development. Looking to the future, with the continuous development of emerging applications such as 5G, IoT, and edge computing, Apacer's industrial storage and memory solutions, through the combination of soft and hard hardware technology and next-generation innovative product development, will become a key component of the smart application era.”

High performance and large capacity to meet the real-time computing needs of Intelligent Connectivity

At the 2019 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC), the most eye-catching theme was the combination of IoT devices, ubiquitous artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G network architectures. Together, these were labeled Intelligent Connectivity. As 5G high-speed networking technology matures, it will have the opportunity to create new value chain development, such as: intelligent monitoring and face recognition systems, vehicle networks (V2X, also known as Vehicle-to-Everything), precision medical AI and flexible factory production. With the establishment of the future 5G network, thanks to larger bandwidth, faster processing, and lower latency, more smart devices will be connected in series.

In the face of such development trends and upcoming challenges, Apacer plans a series of high-performance industrial products. One example is the industry's most complete wide-temp. 3D NAND PCIe SSD, coupled with Apacer’s CoreGlacier™  cooling technology. It can effectively handle NAND Flash and controller IC cooling while maintaining high performance. Apacer also offers a variety of high-speed solutions, such as Turbocharged USB. Operating at 38,580 IOPS, Turbocharged USB is 30 times faster than commercial USB products. Apacer also offers CFexpress, the world's fastest industrial memory card, and DDR4 2933 DRAM that’s compatible with Intel's latest generation Cascade Lake server processor. In the high-capacity product planning segment, Apacer also took the lead. It is expected that from the third quarter of 2019, all single DDR4 memories will be upgraded from 16GB to 32GB, fully meeting market demand.

▲ Apacer offers high-performance, high-capacity industrial storage and memory solutions


High-end Experts raising the bar
Hardware reliability and data security are indispensable

At the core of Apacer’s technological developments stands a team of High-end Experts. Looking at the defense industry, for example, Apacer’s High-end Experts often called upon to create some of the most reliable SSDs and DRAM modules in the world. They are used in rugged defense computers, unmanned vehicles, radar detection systems, communication systems, and information management systems. These applications require higher product reliability and durability. The rigid requirements of data security protection are testing the technical capabilities of many suppliers.

With these issues in mind, Apacer’s High-end Experts created a rugged defense SSD technology package, known as DefensePro™. Products in this series include 2.5" R-SATA rugged SSDs that provide at least 20,000 insertion and removal times, and XR-DIMM memory for RTCA DO-160G airborne equipment, which is compatible with US military regulation MIL-STD-810G.

As for the crucial data security issues that surround defense applications, Apacer has developed industrial-grade SSDs that support the TCG Opal 2.0 specification and AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Apacer’s High-end Experts also developed the Opaque software, providing intuitive encryption and operational processes to help customers effectively manage their resources. In order to protect confidential and sensitive data from external intrusion during emergency situations, Apacer's Instant Keychange™ technology can quickly complete encryption key reconstruction and carry out a crypto erase function. If physical destruction is required, Apacer’s CoreDestroyer technology can carry it out with the press of a single button.

▲ Apacer provides the highest level of encryption and security for defense applications


The Shape of the Future: A glimpse into the future of memory

At Computex, Apacer announced the cutting-edge DDR4 security-protected memory HSDIMM® and HSDIMM®-Lite, next-generation DDR4-3200 industrial-grade memory, and innovative storage applications including NPLink and EDSFF / NGSFF (M.3) SSDs.
The Apacer NPLink SSD product line supports dual-interface high-speed transmission, and is made up of the NPLink 2.5” SSD, the NPLink Module and the NPLink Nano-Module. Alongside these innovative storage solutions, Apacer also debuted its EDSFF / NGSFF (M.3) SSD. This pioneering next-generation storage option is vertically plugged and unplugged in the system, which is convenient for users to extract from densely arranged interfaces and makes it ideal for the latest generation of 1U servers. Compared with the traditional server SSD, EDSFF / NGSFF (M.3) SSDs can effectively increase the storage density of the server SSD, providing higher performance and greater storage space.

▲ Innovative products and customized solutions from the High-end Experts

As IoT, 5G and AI gradually integrate, the development of smart applications has become more diverse. To assist customers in choosing the most suitable SSD for any given application and monitoring that SSD during its lifespan, Apacer has developed its Double-barreled Solution. The first part is CoreAnalyzer2, which analyzes usage behavior and recommends the most suitable SSD from Apacer’s extensive product line, along with firmware modifications if needed. Then the user can use the second part of the Double-barreled Solution, SSDWidget 2.0, to monitor the SSD. In fact, remote monitoring of multiple SSDs is easy with SSDWidget 2.0, as long as a customer sets up their own cloud monitoring system. With SSDWidget 2.0, it’s simple to replace an SSD before it becomes non-functional, which translates to superior data reliability. Ask an Apacer representative about the Double-barreled Solution today.  

▲ The double-barreled solution makes SSD selection and monitoring a snap