Apacer is Welcoming Intelligent Connectivity at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019

May 22, 2019

Apacer, the global leader in industrial digital storage, attends COMPUTEX TAIPEI in 2019 to demonstrate its new program of "Welcoming Intelligent Connectivity." Showcases featuring Apacer’s commitment to Intelligent Connectivity, High-end Experts and The Shape of the Future will unveil a variety of vertical market packages and next-generation innovative products to accelerate the integration of hardware, firmware and software. A leading player steps on the stage as the new era of integration brings together the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Locking up the high-performance, low-latency, and high-capacity real-time data processing needs of "Intelligent Connectivity" applications, Apacer does not only offer the industry's most comprehensive wide-temperature 3D NAND PCIe SSDs, but also delivers ultra-high read and write speeds. Apacer’s other innovations include the latest Turbocharged USB technology, which features 30 times faster performance than commercial USB. Alongside that are DDR4-2933 memory modules compatible with Intel's latest generation Cascade Lake processor, and 32GB DDR4-2666 industrial memory. All these latest releases contribute to Apacer’s double-barreled solution, which helps buyers select the most appropriate SSD for their application (alongside custom firmware in some cases), and then monitor the SSD remotely to prevent unwarranted downtime as it nears the end of its operational lifespan.

Apacer’s engineers are High-end Experts, focusing on creating value-adding technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial-grade technology. In order to improve hardware reliability for our clients, Apacer’s engineers developed the CoreGlacierTM cooling technology, patented anti-sulfuration memory modules, and military-grade SSD solutions. The last of these are Apacer’s 2.5" R-SATA rugged SSD and XR-DIMM memory product lines, which meet or exceed the US military’s MIL-STD-810G standards. They’re key components of Apacer's exclusive DefenseProTM premium package, created to help defense manufacturers leverage multilayer data defense mechanisms. With data security a primary concern in the defense industry, Apacer has developed industrial-grade SSDs that support the TCG Opal 2.0 specification and AES 256-bit hardware encryption, and further created the Opaque software to help customers effectively manage security encryption functions. To prevent data from falling into the hands of bad actors, Apacer's Instant KeychangeTM technology can erase encryption key data in one second, making a drive totally unreadable. And Apacer’s CoreDestroyer technology offers even more peace of mind – the press of a single button triggers a proprietary circuit design that physically obliterates the SSD in moments, making data totally unrecoverable.

For the eye-catching "The Shape of the Future" exhibition, Apacer will unveil the cutting-edge data-secure HSDIMM® and HSDIMM®-Lite, next-generation DDR4-3200 industrial grade memory. In the world of new SSD form factors, Apacer will reveal the NPLink SSD series alongside EDSFF / NGSFF (M.3) SSDs. There will also be surprises in the exhibition area. For the first time, Apacer will cooperate with 7Starlake to showcase the self-driving minibus application (powered by XR-DIMM technology) for a glimpse of the future of mobile commerce.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI – Apacer Booth Information
Exhibition Dates: May 28 - June 1, 2019
Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (1F, No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)
Booth: Hall 1, K0607a
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