• Next-generation DDR5 UDIMM industrial memory module, with a memory transfer rate of up to 4800 MT/s
  • Uses original high-quality next-generation DDR5 DRAM ICs
  • Equipped with power management IC (PMIC) (5V) on DIMM to efficiently control system power load
  • On-die ECC error correction mechanism improves reliability
  • 288-pin, DDR5 unbuffered dual in-line memory module (DDR5 UDIMM)
  • VDD = VDDQ = 1.1V 
  • VPP = 1.8V 
  • 32 internal banks; 8 groups of 4 banks each
  • Lead-free (RoHS compliant)
  • Halogen free
  • Conformal Coating / Underfill (optional)
  • Anti-sulfuration (Apacer patented) (optional)

DDR5 UDIMM Industrial Memory Module

Apacer’s industrial DDR5 UDIMM employ original high-quality DRAM Ics, and feature memory transfer rates of up to 4800MHz. They incorporate an on-die ECC mechanism that greatly strengthens the reliability, availability and serviceability of the DRAM IC. On the other hand, Apacer's DDR5 modules incorporate a power management IC (PMIC) on the module itself to control the system’s load while also improving signal integrity and compatibility. Moreover, DDR5 modules require just 1.1V, which will translate into significant power savings and reduced heat generation.

UDIMM (Unbuffered DIMM) is a JEDEC-compliant design applicable for desktop computers, industrial computers and embedded systems. Manufactured with the highest quality original DRAM chips, stringently tested for quality assurance and verified for compatibility, Apacer UDIMMs are high performance memory modules that are highly stable and compatible.

JEDEC 1.0 Mass Production Version