• Robust PCB designed with 2 mounting holes for vibration and shock resistance
  • Support ECC error detection and correction
  • On-DIMM thermal sensor : Yes
  • Package: 260-pin socket type small outline dual in-line memory module (SODIMM)
  • PCB: height 35.00 mm, lead pitch 0.50 mm (pin)
  • Power Supply: VDD=1.2V (1.14V to 1.26V)
  • 16 internal banks (4 Bank Groups)
  • Lead-free (RoHS compliant) / Halogen free
  • PCB: 30μ gold finger
  • Meets US RTCA DO-160G and MIL-STD-883K standard
  • Conformal Coating (optional)
  • Anti-sulfuration (Apacer patented) (optional)


Apacer DDR4 Rugged SODIMM has passed the aerospace RTCA DO-160G anti-vibration test and has earned a military-standard MIL-STD-883K certification. It is designed in accordance with the JEDEC 260-Pin DDR4 SODIMM standard specification, and is equipped with a double mounting-hole design to secure the memory module tightly and firmly on the motherboard. It has a built-in thermal sensor and supports wide temperature range operation, conformal coating and anti-sulfuration technology.

These value-added technologies help protect the memory module from external factors such as high temperature, high humidity, and high pollution environments, and extend the overall lifespan of the system. Apacer DDR4 Rugged SODIMM is targeted at defense and industry applications that suffer from high-vibration environments. It can help industrial vertical markets such as 5G base stations, energy exploration, wind power generation, aerospace defense, railways and transportation systems painlessly upgrade rugged applications to make them more robust.