Anti-Sulfuration ECC SODIMM

DDR4 Anti-Sulfuration ECC SODIMM

  • Support ECC error detection and correction
  • On-DIMM thermal sensor : Yes
  • Package: 260-pin socket type small outline dual in-line memory module (ECC SODIMM)
  • PCB: height 30.00 mm, lead pitch 0.50 mm (pin),
  • Power Supply: VDD=1.2V (1.14V to 1.26V)
  • 16 internal banks (4 Bank Groups)
  • Average refresh period
    7.8us at 0°C≦ TC ≦85°C
    3.9us at 85°C ≦TC ≦95°C 
  • Lead-free (RoHS compliant)
  • Halogen free
  • PCB: 30μ gold finger
  • Anti-Sulfuration (Apacer Patented)
  • Conformal Coating / Underfill (optional)


Anti-sulfuration memory modules are mainly used in equipment exposed in highly contaminated environment, e.g. automobile, military, medical, transport, networking and outdoor electronic products, and electronic equipment used in areas of high-concentration sulfur gas, e.g. volcano, hot spring and mine. Airborne sulfur-containing particles can easily react with silver used in the electrode to form silver sulfide which is non-conductive. As sulfuration increases, resistance value will also increase, eventually causing an open circuit. To solve the problem of resistor sulfuration, Apacer has developed the world’s first anti-sulfuration memory module for use in a sulfur-rich environment and this innovative design is now patented.