DDR3 Single-Sided SODIMM

  • On-DIMM thermal sensor : No
  • Package: 204-pin socket type small outline dual in-line memory module(SO-DIMM)
  • PCB: height 30.0mm, lead pitch 0.6 mm (pin)
  • Eight Internal banks for concurrent operation (components)
  • Supports auto pre-charge option for each burst access
  • Supports auto-refresh/self-refresh
  • Refresh cycles: 7.8 ㎲ at 0℃≤ TC ≤ +85℃
  • Single-Sided supported
  • Conformal coating/Underfill(optional)


Single-Sided SODIMM is designed specifically for ultra-thin Ultrabooks, tablets and other small-sized systems. This unique Single-Sided SODIMM places all memory components on one side. The reduced thickness meets the requirements of ultra-thin systems, prevents mechanical interference and aids in heat dissipation.


  • Module Type Single-Sided SODIMM
  • Memory Technology DDR3
  • Frequency 1066/1333/1600
  • Density 1G/2G/4G
  • Voltage 1.35v/1.5v
  • Pin Count 204-Pin
  • Width 64-Bit
  • PCB Height 1.18"
  • Operation Temperature TC=0℃ to 85℃
  • Application Embedded & IPC