Wide Temp. UDIMM

DDR Wide Tempe. UDIMM

  • Power supply VDD: 2.6V ±0.1V(400MHz)  / 2.5V ±0.2V(266/333MHz)
  • MRS cycle with address key programs
  • Burst length : 2, 4, 8
  • Auto Refresh and self Refresh Modes 64ms, 8192-cycle refresh
  • Operating Temperature Rang : Industrial -40°C ≦ TA ≦ 85°C
  • Conformal coating/Underfill(optional)


Apacer Wide Temp UDIMM (Wide Temperature UDIMM) is especially designed for harsh climate and special environmental conditions. Able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, it is applicable for industrial, military, aeronautical and vehicular systems that face extreme environment challenges. In addition to the use of original industrial-grade DRAM IC, Wide Temp UDIMMs also use industrial-grade wide-temperature-range passive parts with 30u” gold plating PCB to improve anti-oxidation and ensure stability of signal transmission. Wide Temperature UDIMMs have also passed industrial verification testing for high/low temperatures and the most stringent 48-hour thermal cycling test, ensuring their ability to operate for long hours in extreme environments.