Ultra Reliable in Harsh Environments

Defense applications are doubtlessly mission-critical operations, requiring hence the most demanding, reliable and robust systems. Without unplanned downtime, defense and military applications can't survive the hostile environment where temperature, altitude, humidity conditions are severe and extreme. Moreover, anti-vibration and shock resistance are vital system requirements too.

As one of the innovators in the field of SSD and DRAM Solutions, Apacer is committed to offering a wide range of products featuring reliability, rugged design and cutting-edge technology for defense and military applications.

Quality assurance, professionalism, commitment, experience, reliability, customization are the unparalleled values exclusive to Apacer’s Industrial SSD and DRAM Solutions.

Market Requirements

As a global leading Industrial SSD and DRAM Solution provider, Apacer delivers tailored products to meet the strict requirements of defense and military applications, which have been independently tested as some of the best on the market in terms of Reliability, Security, Longevity and Customization.


  • Robust and Rugged design
    (Compliant with MIL-STD-810G(SSD) &MIL-STD-202G(DRAM))
  • Shock and vibration resistant
    (Compliant with MIL-STD-810G(SSD) &MIL-STD-202G(DRAM))
  • Extended temperature support
  • Dust, moisture and corrosion proof
    (IP57 Certification)


The CoreSecurity Technology allows data security levels to be enhanced through customized firmware, in order to prevent data leakage or hack and to increase reliability of storage devices.


Apacer CoreSecurity functions can be triggered by software commands or hardware implementation, providing convenience, flexibility, and protection to help customers erase and destroy data completely.



Apacer CoreEraser Technology supports a variety of MIL erase standards including DoD 5220.22-M, NSA Manual 130-2, USA AF AFFSSI 5020, USA Army 380-19, USA Navy NAVSO P-5239-26IREC(IRIG) 106 and NSA 9-12.


Apacer CorePower Technology has been developed to implement backup power supply that lengthens the emergent hold-on time for the controller to move all the cached data into NAND flash. Moreover, it has an Intelligent Power Failure Status Detect function - when the detected IC in the controller informs the firmware about voltage disruption, the controller can run multiple write-to-flash cycles to store the cached metadata and complete programming NAND blocks immediately.



+ Product longevity with fixed BOM support.
+ Unique P/N for RMA tracking.
Apacer guarantees to deliver products with fixed BOM (no discretionary change of firmware and major components) once our products are qualified and adopted by customers. In addition, a unique serial number is labeled on every Apacer product in order to trace production history and ensure highest quality of product.


Apacer’s R&D team has innovative and customization capabilities, which enables us to meet specific needs from customers in terms of form factor, product design, performance, capacity, size, additional features, etc.

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