DDR3 Combo SDIMM with CFast

  • Integrates SSD and DDR into one modules
  • Support SATA interface up to 6.0 Gbps (SATA 7-pin cable needed only)
  • Support SSD sockets for CFast(complies with CFast2.0), Maximun capacity of 128GB
  • Standard DDR3 with 240-pin socket type dual in-line memory module
  • Power supply VDD: 1.35V (+0.1V ~ -0.067V) / 1.5V(± 0.075V)
  • PCB: height 41.3mm
  • Without connecting any external SSD Power
  • Conformal coating/Underfill(optional)


Combo SDIMM is an innovative product that combines SSD (solid-state drive) and DRAM on a single DRAM module. The patented design cuts down space required for storage device and memory module on the motherboard, and it is mainly applicable for embedded industrial computers.
Combo SDIMM supports two specifications, including M.2(NGFF) and CFast. Both specifications support SATA 3.0 (6GB/s) interface. The M.2(NGFF) version supports three sizes, i.e. 2242/2260/2280, and has a maximum capacity of 256GB. The CFast version complies with CFast2.0 specifications and has a maximum capacity of 128GB.
Combo SDIMM adopts a 240-pin DDR3 interface. For motherboards without M.2/CFast slot, Combo SDIMM may be installed by simply connecting to an external SATA cable. There is no need to change the motherboard or connect to external SSD power, making it ideal for embedded systems with extremely limited space.


  • Module Type Combo SDIMM with CFast
  • Memory Technology DDR3
  • Frequency 1066/1333/1600
  • Density 2G/4G/8G
  • Voltage 1.5v/1.35v
  • Pin Count 240-Pin
  • Width 64-Bit
  • PCB Height 1.626"
  • Operation Temperature TC=0℃ to 85℃
  • Application Embedded & IPC